The NRA says we need more guns.

I have taken on the task of illuminating news stories where more guns would not have made any difference. Less guns would.

With heavy heart we enter the holiday season with …

Bryan Herrera, 16-Year-Old Miami Boy, Shot While Riding His Bike To Do Homework

4 Firefighters Shot, 2 Killed At Webster, New York Fire Scene; Shooter Dead

Jennifer Lynn Sebena Dead: Wisconsin Police Officer Found Shot On Duty, Investigation Ensues

In the first story, a 16 year old with a gun riding a bike? Guns couldn’t help him.
In the second story, firefighters responding to a call, with guns in their hands? Guns couldn’t help them.
In the third, a police officer, murdered. Was wearing a gun. Guns didn’t help her…

So the NRA is full of poop. You know what their answer is? Deport Pier Morgan! He is calling them out on TV and they can’t handle the truth.

Simply put, ban all assault rifles, ban all large ammo clips, and license all guns and be able to trace them through every transaction both private and public…. We’d be done with this…..