I saw we just lost a soldier in Afghanistan this holiday. It made me realize in that society almost everyone has a gun. And they know how to use it. Actually almost everyone in that society has an assault rifle, stolen from either the Soviets or given to them by the Americans… That society is not safe.

Yeman has no gun control laws. Neither does Somalia. Why would we want to evolve towards their world of chaos, instead of pulling away from it?

The NRA has jumped the shark… They seem to have no sense of reality anymore… In a way, they are just like Romney who on the night of November 6th, realized his vision was just that, a vision with no root in reality.

How is giving every nut a gun, going to make us safer? Look to Afghanistan for the answer….

I want your land. = Gun
I want your daughter = Gun
I want your valuables = Gun
Nice horse you got there, I’ll take it = Gun

Half of the NRA’s funding in 2011 came from gun owners dues, which have dropped a lot from 2010, which is down from 2009. The other half is supplied by the gun manufacturers.

Every respectful American should cancel their membership, for the simple reason, their blindness to Newtown Connecticut, makes it embarrassing to be associated with them. The NRA used to solely teach gun safety. It should go back to what it did well….

Ladies and gentlemen: if you truly want to do something great this Christmas, and represent your religion well, drop your membership to the NRA until they go back to teaching gun safety and leaving politics alone….. I mean I wouldn’t trust a store clerk with removing my liver. Why would I trust a gun nut, with protecting my life by giving even more, and more people the option to make a personal statement at my expense, then kill themselves?