There is little that is more rewarding than standing in a buffet line, dispensing out donated food cooked to perfection, to those of society who have nowhere else to go this special day. No money. A net worth under a $100, who tomorrow will be eating scraps again.

One can think of them as a obligation, I suppose, a “thing” that has to be done in order to call oneself “moral” and “rightous”.

Or one can think of them as people in a different world, a world of unlimited hope, unfettered possibilities, who fell out of someone’s birth canal into loving, awaiting arms, and the messages went shouting out across the world, “it’s a boy”; “it’s a girl.”

Someone who, had a different set of circumstances prevailed, could now have been on that side of the line serving food to us, as we shuffled by, plate in hand, so thankful for the love of others who would do this for us in our unfortunate circumstances…

That circumstance could have been caused by the death of a parent. By a chemical dependence. Or it could be caused by service in our military, by a firing “without cause,” by an illegal foreclosure forced by a fly-by-night financial institution.

It just so happened, that across the billions of influences that bombard our lives, we got enough beneficial ones to enable us to prosper, and they didn’t..

This Christmas, 98% of America is struggling as were those before me with plates in hand… The 2% won’t donate, won’t volunteer, won’t even answer the phone when the call for help comes…. “Dont’ answer it! Read the caller ID first. Who is it again?”

On this Christmas Day, nothing could be more un-American than such behavior.

Here is a list of All the House Republicans. You may not be in their district, but many there who vote, think like you. Simply say:

I am middle class. I always vote in primaries. I cannot afford any tax increase withheld from my current check amount. You can stop it now by accepting the compromise proposed by our Commander in Chief to get us past this crises. You represent me and I will hold you responsible for its pass-or-fail; after all it will be the Republican Party who caused my taxes to rise! If you fail and I wind up paying more to help out your rich friends, I will not support you in 2014. But if you support John Boehner’s and the President of the United States compromise, you will have my vote against any primary challenger….. May God grant you the wisdom that comes with responsibility, to see things clearly. Amen