Just saw the right wing group that used half a billion dollars to put Romney into the oval office, just mentioned that Obama was pushing us off the fiscal cliff.

Just like Hitler was under attack and lashed out against Poland.
Just like Tojo was defending himself when he ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Just like Mayor Guiliani was threatening Osama Bin Laden and had 9/11 coming to him.
Just like the teachers and students are to blame for Adam Lanza’s behavior…..
Just like Nazis never did incarcerate and kill any Jews.
Just like Humas never did fire any rockets into Israel.
Just like “Officer, I wasn’t speeding.. You radar must be wrong.”

Anyone can say anything… But since that is true, it means we can certainly make fun of Karl Rove and Americans for Properity, for saying something as absurd as it being the Democrats who pushed us off the cliff…

The Democrats opened the negotiations. The Republicans put up nothing. The Democrats made the first move. The Republicans made no movement at all. The Republicans are solely, unequivocally, and absolutely are the cause of the stalemate right now. There is a bill in the House, pre-approved by the Senate, supported by 201 House Democrats, that just needs 17 Republican votes to sign on and pass it with a majority vote, and instantly dissolve this crises.

Just 17 Republican are:

a) holding up payrolls for every company in America
b) holding up spending plans and budgets for January in every company in America
c) holding up long term unemployment insurance for 40 million Americans who can’t spend anything now.
d) forcing every payroll business, like Jim Paoli’s here in Delaware, to wait-and-see before making adjustments on every client’s payroll for the first week of January.
e) holding up every billionaire who if he guesses wrong right now pays a gigantic price in 2013.

Everyone knows Hitler lies. Everyone know Karl Rove is not synonymous with truth….

So, if you see a Republican, let him know how you really feel, for his party screwing with your life and livelihood…..