Anything to stir up headlines… simultaneous with the NRA’s press conference saying guns are not the problem, a little old lady was putting decorations on a church Christmas tree. It was the last thing she’d ever do. She was shot by an assault weapon, the very kind endorsed by the NRA!

The killer killed two more. The killer wounded two police officers who intervened, all but destroying the argument that Wayne LaPierre was making at that very moment…. If everyone is armed, then killings won’t happen.

The lady didn’t think she would need to wear a gun while decorating her church for the kids Christmas pageant. The person who the killer met outside, set off that day on his errands not thinking he needed to pack heat. The person driving down the road, probably had a handgun in his car, but didn’t think he needed to hold it while driving down a road he’s driven many times before….

All these people owned guns. But they were not where they could be reached when it mattered. Without an assault rifle, there is a good chance all would be alive.

So people who like guns, need to take notice. So what if it is not fair. We’re coming to take them anyway. Simply because.. you forgot to put a few words into your slogan..

Guns don’t kill people… People (with guns) kill people than people (without guns)…