Unless you haven’t been paying attention, you already know that higher taxes increase our economic output. That has been proven over and over here, so please peruse the archives if you still think low taxes cause economic development…..

Every opportunity not to tax the wealthy, is a hit to our future economy….

Therefore raising the income level from $250,000 up to $400,000, is catastrophic. This range is the core of capital investment in this nation. This group consists of primarily small business owners who own their business. By not raising their rates higher, we make it less likely that they will turn over their profits back into their business, which of course grows jobs.

Instead, they will buy stocks, which does nothing.

The shift slows down our rate at ridding ourselves of the deficit. Over 10 years, we are now an additional $400 billion behind, or $40 billion a year… Just as a guide, at 10% interest, the $400 billion we are not paying back is costing us $40 billion a year in additional interest payments….

So, we have given up too much. Perhaps if the Republicans do not grab this offer and sign the line right now, it can be retracted under the “limited offer” clause. If we fall off the cliff, then Republicans get full blame, and the public, totally outraged over what the republicans have done to them, will insist they capitulate to the higher figure.

One can only hope that the Republicans rebuff this low offer, so we can extend a higher one, a mathematically more viable one, after January 1st….

This is the last sweetener. There can be no more….