Gosh, that is a shocking headline. Of course headlines are meant to grab attention. I hope this one works….

The common denominator is in “hurting students.”

Obviously there are different ways. Jeb Bush’s way though honestly not even in the same ballpark as the other one I paralleled him with, is probably the greatest danger…

Here is what will happen.

Private educational corporations are giving standardized tests out to students. They are warning that classrooms are not ready to take these standardized tests, because the material on them has not been covered by teachers in the classroom…

The poor scores, then, will force state legislators to buy their products to correct that balance.

Imagine I am your teacher. I say here is your study guide and when you are done I will give you a test. I make up both. I make up the study guide, and then I make up the test with nothing from the study guide on it… You take the test and go WTF! I never saw any of it…. I use the bad grades to shake down Representative Pete Schwartzkoph to give me $30 million dollars… Then I pull a switcheroo and give you the real study guide, and voila, you get a 100%… I say: “See, I told you I was good.” Your education problem is now fixed.

Is this illegal? It was done in Kentucky. And it appears it is about to be done in New York…

The problem is Common Core. The owner is Jeb Bush…. The charge is that to increase corporate earnings (and private paycheck) students are purposefully being made to flunk by switching tests to stuff they don’t know, and then, profiting handsomely by putting the correct test guide into circulation….

I don’t think people fully realize the challenges that will come when the reality sets in that so few of our kids are college and/or career ready,” former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said recently, speaking at an education conference in Washington, D.C. The conference was sponsored by the Foundation for Excellence in Education, which Bush created to promote some of the ideas he backed as governor, including early reading tests, vouchers and charter schools.

“Moms and dads are going to be mad,” Bush said. “The reality is going to create problems for elected officials across the spectrum.”

When you lose a whole year… do you ever get that year back?