Reality of Our Crise Impending
Courtesy of Office of Management and Budget.

The fiscal cliff. We are arguing over more revenue. We are arguing over tax hikes. We are arguing over the age of Social Security and Medicare commencement. We are arguing over defense. We are arguing over education. We are arguing over discretionary cuts….

When in truth, we should be taking the all of the above approach considering the problem….

This is our generation’s WWII… We are in for the fight of our life, and we have to get this right. There is no room for error….

If one takes this analogy between our economy and WWII further, one could say we are in the pre-years of WWII now, the late 30’s. We are making small amendments to our armed services, buying a few planes here and there, and as the crises worsens, we send some of our stuff overseas.

But it takes the loss of our fleet in Pearl Harbor, to WAKE US UP!…. In a matter of days, the entire Pacific was under Japanese control. All of European civilization but for Britain, was under Nazi Germany’s control…. Just like that…

Had we had our battleships in war mode, Pearl Harbor never would have happened. Had we rushed to France’s aid, probably WWII would have stalemated, and who knows what kind of world we would have today….

Bottom line, is that we need to do all of the above right now… Republicans need to give in on taxes, Democrats need to give in on entitlements. Corporations need to start re-investing now, ahead of the curve. The wealthy, need to pay up a lot more. Everyone needs to chip in….

What we don’t need are arguments because “my side” doesn’t feel like it is treated fairly unless “your side” gives up something…

Just everybody give up everything… You going to later, if you don’t do it now, so, … let’s fix it now…. while the price is still low…..