If there were not radical republicans, there would be no fiscal cliff. We had a deal, modeled on the Boyle Simpson Plan, that balanced cutting expenses with raising revenue. Obama, Mitch, and John Boehner all signed off on it. They just had to take it back to their members and get their approval….

That was 3 cuts to 1 part revenue enhancement.

The Tea Party Republicans said no; it had tax increases on the top one percent. They could not vote for any tax increase on the top one percent. Bottom 99%? No problem; they were totally on board with taxing poor people. Just no tax increases for the top 1%….

And so, sequestration was brought into the agreement and …. here we are… Trying to stave off sequestration….

We have this crises because of the Tea Party Republicans. (Remember, the regular Republicans were all on board).

The Tea Party Republicans are the ones currently pushing Boehner not to agree… If we go over the fiscal cliff, it is solely because of these Tea Party Republicans, many of whom were voted out this past November for being too radical and basically nuts.