Remember those few donors during the Republican primaries who were sheltering candidates almost to the point of being their prime funder?

Among the nouveau riche, it appears one hasn’t arrived until he/she has a prize winning candidate in their barn… It used to be racehorses. It is now GOP candidates…

These people donating up to $100 million in support of their champion, according to sources in the Wall Street Journal (disclaimer: it is a Murdoch rag)… are the very reason so much noise by Boehner, McConnell, Norquist, are being made over raising the top marginal tax rate…

All sorts of schemes are being created by Republicans to deflect this increase in top marginal rate. The removal of or cap on deductions hurts those earning between $250,000 and $500,000 considerably more than it hurts billionaires. The higher marginal rates is the only tax that makes billionaires pay more.. All others they can use loopholes to get out of…

In other words when it comes to Republicans, as Romney said when speaking of the 47%…. YOU DON’T MATTER. Today’s Republican leadership has taken that level up to 99% who do not matter.

One can’t be too hard on these individuals though. With out the billions being funded by a “few good men”, the Republican party would shrivel up and wither away.

You saw how bad they got beat! Just imagine how worse it would be if they had 90% less cash to spend?

If we do go off the cliff, it will be solely because these Republicans don’t want to tax the 1%….

It will not be because of the other side…..