exit polling data
Courtesy of Washington Post

More than three percent of the electorate told exit pollers they were more liberal in 2012 than they were in 2008.

Currently liberals are at their highest ranking since Roosevelt in 1936. Whereas Conservatives showed little gain, Liberals climbed at the fastest rate on the chart.

Things to ponder.

Having a president called a liberal who is doing a marvelous job, cuts down on the pejorativeness of the word Liberal. Speculation is: people are no longer afraid to say they are, because Obama’s performance backs them up.

Second, having conservatives constantly embarrass themselves and the nation, every 24 hours making us look pathetically bad, would make one squeamish to tell a stranger, that they were conservative. I mean, people have pride.

Also, conservatives are dying every day, and liberals are being born. Without winning converts, that trend would continue.

But interestingly, over the past four years, people have decided they don’t mind being called a liberal… it also shows conservatives, that no matter how they process their message, even if they make the South Carolina beauty queen their official spokesperson, they lose. Conservatism is dead, unless it continues in a capacity that moderates will say, “oh, you said you’d keep out of women’s lives? keep taxes high on the wealthy? sure we’ll get back on board”. i can’t see Republicans going that far, meaning that Democrats and moderates will rule, “as far as the eye can see”….”