In business it is one of the traits we try to teach.. It is not a natural tendency. The natural tendency is to point the finger elsewhere, as is well known by anyone who has raised little children. Sometimes their excuses are hilarious. And sometimes those of adults are even funnier.

But in business we teach those coming up that accepting the blame does many things. It stops the investigation process. Life gets back to doing everyones job to the best of their ability.

Secondly, the person most responsible, is now in charge of finding how and why the mistake happened. Most of what we experience takes place between our two ears. For someone else to guess at what is going on there, makes a hearing sound like the comments running mad of an inane post on some blog somewhere… Everyone is an expert on what the head hancho was thinking. Better to let the person who actually knows what thought processes went down, determine the weakness and broken links, then offering it up to pure speculation…..

Third, as soon as the acceptance of accountability is made, the story, if a negative, starts to go away…. The usual formula is that on the break of the next day, the scandal is half as bad, and the next day after that, it is again half as bad or one fourth as bad as originally, and that ratio continues until soon, no one really cares.

One would think a business man at the head of the Republican Party would know this. (But then, he was only an investor; not a business man.) This moral characteristic compared to that of our current commander in chief, echos the thoughts of most Americans, …. we chose the right man to be in charge.

But here, is why, Mitt Romney says, he lost the election.

It was Governor Christie’s fault after Hurricane Sandy.

It was the GOP Primary Debate Moderators.

It was the 47% who get things for free and don’t want to do an honest days work.

It was Hurricane Sandy’s fault.

As long as it wasn’t Romney’s fault.

Forget: unemployment dropped to 7.8 the weekend after the debate.
Forget: Detroit should go bankrupt.
Forget: They are closing down all Jeep plants in the USA and making them in China.
Forget: My Vice President can’t tell the truth. Even about a marathon he ran 20 years ago.
Forget: My convention was built on a twisted lie concocted by misrepresenting the words of the President.
Forget: My bright shining moment of royal entitlement, was usurped by an empty chair.

As long as it wasn’t Romney’s fault.

Bottom line, America sensed that, or more properly put, a majority of American’s sensed that. And that is why, a commander in chief, who says, “I’m responsible for Benghazi, the buck stops here,” is always preferable to having someone who has no regard for the collateral damage his bomb throwing may cause, … because…. it is always someone else’s fault……