Please feel free to copy and past and email various radio stations that carry Rush Limbaugh’s show. In Delaware,

WDOV-AM   1410   M-F  12-3       Clear Channel
WDMG-FM   92.7    M-F  12-3       Resorts Broadcasting                                                                                                                               WILM-AM   1415    M-F  12-3       Clear Channel


Dear  Advertiser  c/c station manager (of one of the above stations):

I was driving and heard your advertisement on Rush Limbaugh this afternoon.  I will no longer buy anything from you until Rush Limbaugh is removed from this radio station.  Allow me to explain why.

It’s the hate.  I may be older than you but I remember such times whether hard or not, we all strived to get along.  That is not happening today.  Upon hearing Rush Limbaugh berate liberals, of which my children are (not me though), berate women (0f which I’m one) and berate blacks, Hispanics, and gays (all who go to my church), it occurred to me that this was the reason we can not get anything done.  People have to defend themselves against his accusations, whether founded or not.

I decided, that though I am one person, I had some small power to make a difference.  It may be $50 dollars, it may be $100 dollars, it may be my life’s investments.  But if I hear any of my patrons being advertised on his show, I will drop them in a heartbeat….

Why?  Because my country deserves better.

Right now I plan to tell any advertiser in person, face to face,  as to why I am moving my business to his competitor.  However, if I can’t get out like I used to,  I may not be able to fulfill this promise some day.

I would rather hear health news, like they have in a doctors office, or in depth reporting, or music.  I’m just tired of all the hate.  I know one letter matters little; I just hope others feel the same way..



Please join in the national movement to rid America of Rush Limbaugh. Clear Channel which is partly owned by Bain Capital, is quietly trimming its payroll. It didn’t want to open any fissures in Mitt Romneys campaign.

Please feel free to use the links above, send an email and cut and paste the body of this letter into the message. If you hear an advertiser, write it down, and when you get the chance send them the basic email you previously sent.

Just curious, if we do get him off the public airwaves, do you think someone will take his place, or is it only there because he has been doing it so long? I don’t think anyone else can fill the vacuum. I think that if it obviously becomes commercially nonviable, that hate radio will disappear, hopefully replaced as is on Delmarva Broadcasting’s WDEL with an outstanding news team….