Slammed by Obama in his press conference, where it was brought up that penalizing the UN Secretary who had no direct knowledge of Benghazi attack, McCain, Graham, Ayotte, and Johnson are right now, all running for political cover… However, earlier today before they got embarrassed for looking childish, petty, inept and unmanly, they had a press conference to illustrate the 5 unanswered questions that now need answered……

5. Why were we not prepared and have enough counteractive punch in place and on the ground to prevent the loss of life in Benghazi on September 11th.

4. Why were we going on with “oh, life is normal” on the morning of September 11, 2001 when on August 6th, we had a CIA dossier that explicitly said….“Bin Laden Determined to Attack US”…. Why? Why weren’t there forces employed? How could we have been so unprepared?

3. Why were we not prepared and were caught completely off guard on January 30th, 1968 when Viet Cong and North Vietnam staged a surprise offensive that was able to take over and hold the embassy in Saigon once thought impregnable, at the same time they attacked 100 major South Vietnam towns and cities…. How could we be so unprepared?

2. Why were we not prepared and why were we surprised on the morning of December 7, 1941 when four aircraft carriers were able to navigate across half the Pacific Ocean unseen, and launch two air attacks on our sleeping crew and battleships in Pearl Harbor? This is outrageous. How could we not be so unprepared?

1. Why were we not prepared and had adequate security aboard the battleship Maine, before it was sabotaged in the harbor of Havanna on on February 15th, 1898…. 266 people died… This is outrageous. How could we be so unprepared….

These are serious concerns. They need an open hearing.

Therefore they suggested a Watergate style hearing along the lines of Iran Contra Hearings, or a 9/11 Commission to clear the air, ask tough questions and get tough answers…. The order of importance they should start with, should be item number one and work their way back up to the least important intelligence failing of them all…. Benghazi.

It is called: perspective.