Assuming the world doesn’t implode on 12/21/12 that is…

I’m usually against General Strikes, having seen them diluted over the course of 20th Century European history… One national strike is significant, after that, people learn how to navigate around them, and they lose their punch. But one giant nationwide strike, that is something to live for.

Of course there has to be a reason. The reason is that we need a credible threat to hold Congress’s feet to the fire. Sure they may come to an agreement anyway, but the threat of a nationwide strike can force both sides to come together a little more quickly. For no one wins in a strike. All lose. So for the nation to say we are willing to lose one full day of GDP to show our displeasure, may be enough for both sides to realize games cannot be played. And when they do get played by some individuals, it is obvious to all that they are being played against the entire electorate….

The fiscal cliff is January 1st. January 2nd is the first standard workday back… If we’re going to fall off a cliff that day, isn’t it better to do it while at home?

Besides, who wouldn’t want another recuperation day for New Year’s Eve?

If Congress fixes the issue before then, we call off the strike. Simple. The sooner the better… But as any congressperson will tell you when you beseech them. ” Make it so I have no choice but to do something about this…”

That is exactly what we are going to do….