Sher’s new mailing piece is effective. It actually tugged at my heartstrings. If you never see it, it has ten of Delaware state government’s officials, all men, whose headshots are in that grainy black and white only see on political hit pieces, and offset by a color picture of her.

“None of the top political leaders in Delaware today speak for women. They’re all men.”

“Cheryl Anne “Sher” Valenzuela: A voice for women and expanded opportunity for all.”

This caused me for a minute to doubt myself. Wow, it’s true. There are no women controlling the Senate or the House, even though there are many women in the Senate and House itself. There are no women in any state elected offices… So, wow. it’s true…

For a second I had a tug, that said, well maybe I’ll break will and put just one vote to a Republican. That feeling lasted for about one second….

My next thought, was who would I be taking out. It was Matt Denn. Matt is the kind of person that whenever a woman approaches him with an proposition, Matt will say “ok, let me see what I can do.” Matt is pro choice. pro kids. pro family. and especially where it counts: pro woman.”

Sher is a Republican.

The official Republican platform is this: no abortion even if you get raped, even if you get incested by your Daddy, even if your life will expire, (oh, That’s ok as long as that rape-child is kept alive until we can be cut open and extract it. After all, it was God who put that rape child in there.)

That is the “official Republican” position: Romney supported it. Ryan created it. And sometimes Republicans occasionally mess up and forget their instructions are to stay mum, and they it slips out how they “really” feel….

Oh, that is silly, you say? You tell me Sher is not the national Party; she is my next door neighbor?

So then, please tell me: what is her position on abortion? Aye, she’s against it.

Rest my case.

Very often proponents of “the other party” (it doesn’t matter which one it is), bring up this notion. “Well, one should elect a good person irregardless of party; that is how you get good government, by making it full of only good people…”

Problem with that statement, is that though it may seem like common sense, it is not true. Things in reality don’t work that way.

Let us imagine that the college National Football Championship was still decided by a committee. Your cross-town rival was up for a vote. You know if your rival is chosen, he is able to recruit better players in the future, and you will have even a tougher time going against him… Therefore you will do everything in your power to make that choice not happen.

That is how every Republican works. They do not believe that a person goes into government, states ones position, listens to the other side, then votes the best choice for their constituents. They believe their role is to make sure nothing beneficial at all, can come from their competitor, the Democratic Party…. Even if their constituents will benefit economically from a Democrat’s upcoming legislation, they work diligently to make sure that can never happen, or at least it won’t happen until THEY can be in the majority and get the “full” credit for it.




But ONCE the exact same plan became Obamacare, the meme came to “defeat it at every turn.” Fortunately a form of it passed and across the board, consumers now are paying less for coverage and getting a lot more benefit from the little they do pay.. It was a win, win, for everyone, except for Republicans who have it on their record as a black mark because “they” didn’t pass it and Democrats did…

Ok, so that’s the background… now here is the argument. Transport yourself back 80 years to Nazi Germany. You are in the middle of a national election. You have a candidate who earlier said some horrible things, and now, is coming across as a super nice guy who will make change happen. The other side is telling you “what’s wrong with you, are you stupid, here it is in Mein Kampf. HE WANTS TO EXTERMINATE EVERYONE BUT ARYANS.

You can’t believe something so horrible could come from such a nice man. And, you do think it is time for change, because progress HAS been too slow. So you vote for Hitler….

Two years later you have a Jewish friend who you grew up with. He is deep into the same change, and he has embraced the Nazi Party. You think that putting him in will somehow modify those stringent voices you have indeed heard deep within the Nazi’s calling for complete Jewish extinction. But at this point two years after Hitler’s election, you have a choice of electing his opponent, a person from a party who is anti- Nazi or your friend, who is Jewish and yet pro-Nazi…

If you elect your friend, the Nazi’s just swallow him up.(Sooner or later he winds up in a camp). But if you elect the opposite, then you have some chance at mitigating their destructive path… they don’t have quite all the votes they will need to grant themselves dictatorial powers.

In this allegory, Sher is that Jewish friend. She is one of you who is pretending to be one of them… In this allegory, Hitler represents today’s party platform; one that is solidly against women… “you will have no rights over your body” is their official platform.

We are being asked by Sher to dismiss that. “Oh no,” she says. “Look at me, I’m woman. I’ll never let “that” happen to you.”

All I’m saying here is consider what happen to the Jews of Europe after the election of 1933…. Growing up we always learned Hitler was a horrible monster. What I’m just learning now, is that it took an awful lot of little horrible monsters to vote him into power. Im sure in God’s eyes, every single voter who put Hitler into power, is as guilty of the exterminations as is he….

Therefore, even if Sher was a raging femme-nazi (she isn’t), the fact that putting anyone from her party regardless of character into an office, would cause irreparable harm to women…

Just curious. How many Jews in the Nazi Party (there were many in the beginning) were able to persuade Hitler away from his core belief of what he had once written?

It is what it is. Any Republican, no matter who, keeps our current equivalent of the Nazi Party’s hopes alive… Just imagine the difference, if Germany had chosen to elect someone else, and Hitler became the equivalent of Sarah Palin?

We are at that exact point this year. We know Republicans fail women. Any republican that gets elected, even if they are just looking over Wills, supports the party that makes our lives harder, tougher, and more insecure. A lesson needs be taught: we do not want Republicans anywhere near our bodies… period…

You can’t stop it from the inside: we are going to stop it from the outside…

That lesson applies to Sher.