And it is hidden on his 2009 tax return.. Now we know why he didn’t release the tax returns….   Well, you you?  If you were basing your campaign on your business acumen and it turns out you made $100 million off your opponents bold act?  Sort of puts you in a very odd position, doesn’t it?

There is nothing wrong with making money off Delphi… People with money make bets…  What is wrong is to criticize the President for stepping in and keeping them afloat, when you actually pocketed $100 million off that deal yourself….

Why is any American voting for this man?  Are you stupid?  Or are you nuts?

Read for yourself….

Announcement of Ethics Complaint that Broke Story

Mitt Romney’s 3000% Profit in Delphi

Sworn Deposition of John Sheehan

These hedge fund profits were made possible only by the $12.9 Billion of taxpayer money, without which they would be worthless.

Romney’s hedge fund, which owned Delphi, in a closed door session with Obama gave this ultimatum:  Give us $350 million or “We will shut you down…”

His explanation was corroborated by Delphi’s chief financial officer, John Sheehan, who said in a sworn deposition in July 2009 that the hedge fund debt holders backed up their threat with “an analysis of the cost to GM if Delphi were unwilling or unable to provide supply to GM,” forcing a “shutdown.” It would take “years and tens of billions” for GM to replace Delphi’s parts. At that bleak moment, GM had neither. The automaker had left the inventory of its steering column and other key components in Delphi’s hands. If Delphi laid siege to GM’s parts supply, the bailout would fail and GM would have to be liquidated or sold off—as would another Delphi dependent, Chrysler.,,,,

Romney in debate 2 said:  “You should have let the bankruptcy system work.”

Now we know exactly why…..  He would own GM and Chrysler… No wonder he didn’t release his tax forms…

Why is any American even thinking of voting for this man?   Are you stupid?  Or just plain nuts?