Unofficial sources  in Great Britain, France, and Germany have all independently confirmed that the austerity bubble will burst on Wednesday if Romney is declared a winner…

Expect to see a collapse similar to that of October 2008.

The thinking inside European financial houses is that under the competent financial management currently in place by the Obama  administration,  the extreme balance currently necessary to keep from toppling off the austerity highwire,  can be maintained….   But overseas there is zero confidence in Romney’s leadership.  They saw and know his same advisors under Bush.   The political leadership of Europe  has far  too much to lose to expend their political capital by trying to support someone in whom no credence can be given…..

Today, sell any stocks and go into Treasury’s….   If Obama does win, get yourself back in…  to capture the surge that is sure to happen as investors the world over breathe a sigh of relief….

More later,….