Just reading the data from the post below, it is clear why cutting taxes, which was done by Republicans in the early Bush years, is the direct cause of every single one of our economic troubles.

Foreign Exchange.


Slow Growth.

Barely Climbing GDP

The owners including Romney, made $ 1.4 billion off Delphi of General Motors just last year.  They could have paid the pension funds $1 billion and brought them up to parity.  Instead they bought plants in China.  They have  currently only have 4000 Americans working at office jobs, and 100,000 working at plants in China…..

Now, if the tax rate was 50%… they would only have $700,000,000 million.   Not enough to buy those plants in China.  Higher taxes would have kept jobs here…

Now multiply that by every large corporation… That is the suction of our money going to China.   The corporations are not really to blame, they  are controlled by the hedge funds.  We have to make the hedge funds pay a significant amount of our taxes,  if we ever want to make an America stand on its feet.

Proof is right before your eyes….

Mitt Romney and his financial supporters are the cause of our problems.  Putting them in power with no one to counteract them, is not smart.