(Editors Note:  I usually frown on doing negative pieces because they are so………… negative.  But this one,  turn out to be the chance of a lifetime.  If I ever do an expose on lying, I will never have another opportunity to accomplish one with the breadth and scope of this one.  Therefore,  for history, I  hereby overrule my anti-negative rule of engagement.)…  Begin below:

General Motors:  Romney Lies

Chrysler :   Romney Lies

America’s Teachers:  Romney Lies

CIA:   Romney Lies

Army Chief of Staff:   Romney Lies

Secretary of the Navy:  Romney Lies

Bain Capital Employees:   Romney Lies

Texas Gov. Rick Perry:  Romney Lies

Ex Congressman Newt Gingrich:   Romney Lies

Congressman Ron Paul:   Romney Lies

Washington Post:   Romney Lies

Atlantic Monthly:   Romney Lies

US State Department:  Romney Lies

Israel:  Romney Lies

US Air Force:  Romney Lies

Rick Santorum:  Romney Lies

Mitt Romney:  Romney Lies

Debate.org:  Romney Lies

Michelle Bachmann: Romney Lies

New York Times:  Romney Lies

Des Moines Register:  Romney Lies

Chicago Tribune:  Romney Lies

And there is so much more….  I hope you read the links…  Like a hurricane the power is not in one wave, but the infinite onslaught of the sheer numbers.

And we still, don’t know what he is hiding in his tax forms…

It begs the question how the America we grew up in, the America that threw out Richard Nixon, the America that voted for “I cannot tell a lie” Jimmy Carter, the America that voted for Ronald Reagan, the America who threw out George HW. Bush for going back on his pledge: Read my lips, no new taxes, the America that tried so hard to find a lie in “I did not have sex with that woman, the America that grew so tired of the lies of Dick Cheney, they burned Republicans out of Congress,  that America… the America that used to love truth,   can now embrace a liar who simply put, can’t seem ever to tell the truth?

Tell me, why would you vote for him?