Doing canvassing yesterday while enjoying the great weather,  this exchange happened as we came acoss the door of a Sussex  County curmudgeoned Republican…..

“Save your vocal chords.  I never voted for a Democrat and I never will.”

“We came to talk to you about the storm… ”

“The storm huh?  Sandy… Now we know what Florida goes through.”

“Yeh, are you ready for it?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”   “I’ve been paying insurance on this for 35 years, ’bout time I get some of it back in new repairs.”

“Well, you know when a little insurance company runs out of money, it doesn’t have to pay you anything right?”

“Really?  How can that be?” 

“Well they are a business, and when a business goes bankrupt, it doesn’t pay anything.”

“With my luck that will happen to me.  ` I know the guy, and he’s insured a lot of houses ’round here, and he don’t got the money to pay for them all.”

“That’s why, it’s important that an area gets declared a Federal Disaster Area.  Then the Federal government guarantees any defaults, and all the work can get done…. ”

“Oh, that’s why they do it?”

“And,” I said winking and pointing to the big Obama sticker on my windbreaker, ” you know who the President is who will declare it, don’t you?”

“Figured you were going to get some political point in…”

“But, you probably don’t remember, because there were so many Republican debates ,  but Romney stood up and said in his administration, that he would get rid of Federal Disaster Reliefs.   He said send it to the states, and even better, let private companies like your little insurance company bear all the cost….”


“Well, it fits.. He’s got to cut not just the $11 trillion deficit from Bush, and the $5 trillion to jump start the economy,  but the $8 trillion he is adding onto it as well.  Seriously.  He’s giving Disaster Relief  to the states.  Can you imagine how little ole Delaware is going to pay for this head-on hit from a hurricane?  Without Federal help? ”

“Well, I guess I should be glad this hurricane happened before election day…. “

” Ha, ha… unlike under Republicans, you’re still in good hands, ma’am… good hands….  Hopefully we’ll see you in the future, storm coming and all. Good luck, and remember,   it’s the policies we vote for,… that are really what makes the difference…. “