This is about the 19th Senate.. Brian Pettyjohn is on the ballot as opposed to being a write in. I’m glad this choice was made. If there are any costs involved in resetting the ballots I’m sure the Republican Party will be delighted to pay.

Often in elections we get too focused. Most of us have a preference one way or another. Just like sometimes we get excited in football when an opposing player gets injured and can’t play, that same feeling carries over into politics too.

We forget it is about the people. Just like we forget it is about the game of football, we lose focus….

This decision is being hailed as a partisan one by Pettyjohn’s supporters. I doubt that because I know the election office takes great pride in being non partisan. That is what they are and do. Second, I know the head officer although officially uncommitted, leans toward the same party as filed the petition. She knew that if she’d made such an exception, there would be far more of a taint than if she followed the rules.

The rules say the ballot was closed. Courts are allow to rearrange the rules, which is exactly why we have them. Not everything fits inside a nice neat little box. Sometimes like when a 3rd grader gets expelled for having his grandmother thoughtfully send a knife to cut the cake she baked for his class, we need real human being to decide if and when exceptions should be made, and if so, how to do it and still keep the law intact….

No one, especially any Republican, should fault Ms Manlove for following the rules. It was really the only ethical choice she had.

The voters in the Senate 19 now have a clear choice without any shenanigans to get in the way. It would be tough for Ms. Hovington to serve her district, if that right to do so was always under a cloud….

Confusion is the enemy of all. The court fortunately made the right decision … Which is why, and many of you may not know this, is exactly why Delaware is considered to have the best court system in the United States of America.

(If any outside state’s attorney wants to challenge me on this, I’ll accept that challenge, AFTER you pass our bar with a score 160 or higher.. .)..