Miss Step Valenzuela…  How that shoe fits….

So far documented:   She built her business….. (thanks to Federal Government Loans)  No Federal Government; no Miss Step Valenzuela.

Second misstep:  “Many state education employees make more than Governor Markell’s salary.”   Only six.  (This was debunked by Colossus of Rhodey, to put in a worthy plug.)

Now third misstep:

“Matt Denn is a degenerate low life bum, who cheats and steals and propagates false promises, because he supports mentoring programs and supports a program that gives free legal care to those in need, based out of a church basement…….”

One should have expected more from someone who was once called the up and coming future of the New Republican Party…

Really, you are going to bang on a guy who gives out free legal advice, in a church basement.  That, in most people’s view, is heroic.   You are saying being heroic is a detriment to the office of  Lieutenant Governor?

That blatantly lying your way into an office is the better approach?

Cough. cough…  You Republicans really are out of touch……