I drove down Cleveland Avenue in Newark this afternoon, and there as always, was Porter Chevrolet.   It was full of cars for sale.  It would not be there but for Obama standing up for,  or I’m embarrassed to say, against my Republican Party.

A train passed on the CSX route alongside me.  On the Georgia-Pacific labled cars were lumber headed north from Georgia to build new homes.   We would not be building houses now but for Obama taking away the toxic loans bankrupting America’s future.  I’m embarrassed to say, he had to fight my Republican Party tooth and nail to get it done.

I was headed to my mammogram which I would have put off, except for the insistence by my doctor,  who said, it was free, came at no cost to me, and was covered by Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act.  I’m pretty nervous, because that’s what happens when you think you’ve discovered two lumps.  I’m sure they’re benign, but there was no way I could have had it checked out, if  the insurance companies hadn’t picked up the cost…. over the objections of my Republican Party…..

I had a good talk with my son today, who  works in Knoxville Tennessee;  glad he’s working in a big part to the helpfulness of the Veteran’s administration.  This jobs program was pushed I know by Barack and Michelle and was passed, over the screaming of the Tea Party Republicans, who were outraged that Federal money was being spent to help veterans find work….

I am so glad he’s not in Afghanistan.  He signed up for three tours, and we were all scared that with the elections coming up, and Republican attacks of Obama’s weakness against standing up to the enemies of America,  he would be forced or coerced to do one more tour.  But this president, stuck to his promises and said, “we’re following the timetable”, and tears-running-down-my-face- gratefully, he came home last summer and is reunited with his girlfriend who waited for him all those years, and now is engaged for a wedding whose date is not set yet…..

I talked to my boss earlier today, to remind him that we had agreed I’d take a half day today for this medical  reason, and when I thanked him for letting me have off, he jokingly said,  ”  Only because it is now the law.  I can’t fire you for medical appointments.”  I know that all regulations that impinge upon a business, are slated to disappear if my Republican Party ever gets back into power.   I’m embarrassed to say,  a lot of my president’s political problems were because he fought hard for the Affordable Health Care Act.  It caused the Tea Party to have something to hit him on the head, and cost him Democratic control of the House….   But it sure made my life easier today…

I was listening to some blowhard talk show host on WDEL,  Rick Jensen is his name to give him a plug, who was bending backwards to  explain how  that Senatorial candidate from Indiana was really being noble and true to Christ’s teachings when he expressed his belief that God means for rape to happen.  I’m a Catholic and sex and religion have been an ongoing battle within me, but for the life of me, to accept that I have to be raped because God ordained it,  crosses the line.

Perhaps Mr. Mourdock would like to spend a night in prison?  And then come out and tell us the next morning just how nice rape is?   Of course,  Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan said they stood by those remarks….  I mean if someone says “ha, ha, we should burn black (Indian) (Muslim)( Jewish)(Liberal)(Polish)(Italian)(Catholic)(Born again Christian) babies alive, heh, heh, heh” and you aren’t outraged…. “ho, ho, ho.. you’re being a little silly there… ho, ho, ho”… you are telling me that you too believe that burning black babies alive would solve a lot or your problems too….   That is not the Republican Party I worshiped under Ronald Reagan.

I will tell my daughter to follow her Catholic faith.  I will also tell her, Church be damned, that if she truly feels God does not want her to carry a baby, and she unequivocally knows it is God’s will, … to go to planned parenthood for counseling….  God, in my mind, is too big to be constrained by the Catholic Church hierarchy.  Sometime He uses outside events to buttress and evolve the thinking of the church… My God talks to everyone.

So I’m grateful that if my daughter needs contraception or needs to lose her child to stay alive (rare, I know), that thanks to President Obama, I will continue to have my daughter, instead of taking care of a child whose father I barely know…..

My job asked me to work 9 hours overtime this weekend.  Apparently sales are up.  Of course I  said yes….. It was time and a half.  Something else the Tea Party has in the platform to get rid of….  as well as remove all Child Labor laws.    Children are cheaper and don’t talk back.

There are to be honest,  parts of the Democratic Party I despise.   I cringed when they boo’d the inclusion of God into the platform.  I don’t like being shouted down whenever I bring up my God, who has always been a part of my life….. since I can remember.  As an American, I could never do without that religious part of my life.

But the liberals just seem so nasty whenever God gets mentioned.  So I am not, ready to be a Democrat.   But Obama stood up for what was right, and my old party fought him every step of the way…..

That is why, this Republican is supporting Obama….   I really wish there was some Christian Democratic Party out there as an alternative….  I think Obama would be perfect to lead it.

Oh, and the new Wawa on 273 dropped gas 10 cents last night to $3.45!!!!   …..  Funny how that makes one feel giddy and all happy… but it does.