Thank you Delaware Liberal.  I don’t know where I was to have missed this.  And it is rare I comment on something already out there.

This boggles the mind….  This person, beat Mike Castle?  What the hell is wrong with Sussex County?  David Anderson.  You  better explain yourself.  And your beat-up, tattered party, Mr Seigler, is a disgrace.   Putting your party’s well being ahead of  a child’s rape is unconscionable.  Mr. Seigler, this is your doing.  As head of the Republican Party of Delaware, you sir, are entirely responsible.  Where is your outrage over Christine’s statement?  Didn’t think it was even worth commenting on….

Please read the redacted document.  Read it all 113 times.

Oh, that’s “tacky” to bring that up  before election time says the woman who tried hard to smear old Mike Castle as being gay, two weeks before the 2010 primary election. … Child rape… ha ha ha.. Republicans don’t care about that…. Mr. Seigler hasn’t even apologized to Sussex County yet.. WGMD is still trying to propagandize these indictments as lies,  made up and brought to bear upon an innocent man.

Let me tell you one thing, Republican Party of Delaware….  My favorite football program is under sanctions for something far, far, far, less egregious then what you, Mr. Siegler,  Christine O’Donnell, and staff of WGMD, are trying to cover up…..

Anyone, anyone who votes for any Republican in Delaware this election, any Republican especially in Sussex County, will be  guilty of promoting child homosexual rape by association…..

Seriously Delaware.  if you dare vote for any Republican, if you dare;  whether its Greg LaVelle, Cathy Cloutier, Dori Conner, Evan Queitsch, or Brian Pettyjohn, …. you are showing your support for Mr. Seigler, Jeff Christopher, and all those who knew and kept this quiet..  All should resign immediately.  And every Republican who wants to run in the future, (are you listening Mr. Kovich and Mr. Craig) should immediately suspend their campaigns over this issue, toss in the towel, and say, that they cannot be apart of any organization that puts their party’s win/loss record, as a higher priority over that of  the safety of a child….

Republicans:  Christine O’Donnell is your voice, like it or not.  She is your highest profile candidate, and like it or not, she SPEAKS  FOR YOUR PARTY.    The only recourse any decent human being has in the Republican Party after today, is to walk away….  Just say, “I’m not dealing with this crap; I quit….”

Tacky, my ass…