i had fun with the binders. And the Libya thing, is so blown out of the water… Like we are going to get rid of the greatest president ever, because one ambassador was murdered. Like we are going to decide the election upon s slip up over women in binders…. A hundred years from now, students will be reading in their textbooks, and the first African American President, was losing until, his opponent made a slip during the second debate. He said “bring me binders of women.” and from that point, no one chose to vote for him..”

This election is about growing jobs.

As a reminder here is a list of those who grew jobs, and those who didn’t.
First the growers:
Reagan (second term)

Here is a list of those who lost jobs on their term.

Reagan (first term)
Bush 1
Bush 2

Obama wants to do what the first group did. Reasonable taxes and reasonable expenses.

Romney/Ryan aren’t saying what they will do. We have to guess. But if you take Ryan’s budget, he will put us into the second group.

Romney wants to do what the second group did. Cut taxes and cut expenses to unreasonable levels.

History shows us what happens when you try doing this to an economy.

If you like the Blue, vote for Obama; If you like the Red, then Romney/Ryan is for you

Voting for Romney is like marrying a spouse before you know if they have herpes. Don’t you think we should know what he’s hiding, before we say…” I do”….

Most of America agrees with me. What is holding you back?