A “If you graduated in the top quarter of your airlines, we gave you a John and Abigail Adams scholarship, four years tuition free in the college of your choice in Massachusetts, it’s a public institution.”

Top quarter of your airlines?

B ” want to make sure we keep our Pell grant program growing”.

Romney once told a student questioner to borrow money if you have to from your parents” to go to college — or to” join the military.” VP candidate Paul Ryan’s budget has called for cutting the Pell Grant program by $200 billion, which critics say could also cut a million students from the program in the next decade.

C “And the president’s right in terms of the additional oil production,”  Exactly Under the Obama administration we are less dependent on foreign oil.  The oil presidents made “big money” in the Middle East……  Hmmm, could there have been a reason we were so dependent when Cheney was running policy???

D “they (new jobs) are already beginning to come back because of our abundant energy.   He just verified that Obama’s Energy Policy worked…. and is working so well, he will continue it by doing exactly the same in his term.  No excuse to fire the guy who is doing his job well……

E “the reason I want middle-income taxpayers to have lower taxes is because middle-income taxpayers have been buried over the past four years. Remember Romney? 47% don’t pay taxes. How do you plan to lower their taxes below zero? You planning on paying them extra now?

F “You’ve seen, as middle-income people in this country, incomes go down $4,300 a family,  even as gasoline prices have gone up $2,000. Health insurance premiums, up $2,500. Food prices up. Utility prices up.”    If these people pay no taxes, how are you going to help them?   You can’t give them a tax cut?

G  “The top 5 percent of taxpayers will continue to pay 60 percent of the income tax the nation collects. So that’ll stay the
same.”    Ahh, now we see.  They will pay 60% of 20% less.   Now we see what you are up too….  So you cut incoming revenue 20%, and the top get a tax break, and pay only 80% of what they paid under Obama, but, since it is still 60% of all the money coming into the treasury,  you are artfully telling us, they will be paying the same.  You don’t say percentage, and we think you mean dollars… Tricky, tricky, tricky.  But knowing that, at least the math now adds up.  It just doesn’t add up well for this country….  Our deficit grows another 8 Trillion.

H.  As a matter of fact, oil production is down 14 percent this year on federal land, and gas production was down 9 percent. Why ? Because the president cut in half the number of licenses and permits for drilling on federal lands, and in federal waters”……We’re actually drilling more on public lands than in the previous administration and my – the previous president was an oil man.”
oil levels are up
Sales of Fossil Fuels Produce from Federal and Indian Land FY 2003 through FY 2011

I “In the last four years, you cut permits and licenses on federal land and federal waters in half”. “Not true, Governor Romney”.

Leases Down by 1% Production Stays the Same Ratio Rises

J Candy, I don’t have a policy of stopping wind jobs in Iowa and that – they’re not phantom jobs. They’re real jobs.” Romney is flat out against the Wind Energy Tax Credit which gives wind-energy companies 2.2 cents for every kilowatt-hour produced, shaving as much as one-third off the costs. This will bankrupt Iowa, the number two wind producer behind Texas. 7,000 jobs in Iowa alone, are directly related to wind.

K “every middle-income taxpayer no longer will pay any tax on interest, dividends or capital gains. No
tax on your savings. That makes life a lot easier.
Seriously? How many middle income ($43-64,000)taxpayers have interest, dividends, or capital gains? Less than 3%. These are the tools of the wealthy, and wealthy only. Romney is saying we are going to lose our mortgage deduction, child tax credits, state and local taxes, and medical, but it won’t matter because we won’t be taxed on dividends and interest… s huge loss for the middle class, a huge cut for the 87% that supplies most of America’s revenue. The deficit will balloon…

L. “So when you bring those rates down, those small businesses are able to keep more money and hire more people.” As Obama said.. “Yeah, in China.” We did that in 2003, and had the worst recession since the Great Depression. We did that in the 1920’s and caused the Great Depression. Now, Clinton raised taxes and created 23 million new jobs. I like Clinton’s result instead of George Bush’s; how about you?

M. how about $4 trillion of deficits over the last four years, $5 trillion? That’s math that doesn’t add up.” Uhh Governor, actually it does add up. $1 Trillion for the Republican Tax Cuts; $1.3 Trillion for the two Republican Wars; $0.7 Trillion for the Republican Prescription Plan unpaid for; $1 Trillion for the Republican caused Great Recession. That is $4 Trillion. It adds up fine. Now, you dodged the question she asked…. How does your calculation of 5 + 1+ 2 = 0 ? How does that add up?