Obama's Job Growth Is From Private Sector

Under Obama, private sector jobs have risen; government jobs have fallen.

The unemployment piece of the puzzle is still unfinished. We need more jobs.

It appears the Corporate jobs have maxed out. We have unlimited income pouring into corporate coffers, and no attempt by them to reinvest. They took the money and ran.

Therefore, considering the corporate entities do not want to pay for hiring more people, the government must.

This is not a plug for government hiring. This is a plug for achieving full employment with higher wages for all.

We all know that corporations need watched over. They’d weaken your grandmothers pills without watchdogs looking over their shoulders every second of production.

They could hire people to watchdog for themselves. It actually would save them money in future lawsuits. They don’t. They say they can’t afford it, it is the government’s job, and meanwhile, they report profits higher than have ever been reported under the current accounting system which was implemented post WWII….

So you see, they certainly can hire more people. They won’t, and because of their default, it becomes the governments job.

Right now, to achieve full employment, which should be our national goal, we need more people hired. Period. If the corporate side won’t, then we need to hire government workers to do the necessary jobs for which the corporate entities refuse to hire: those jobs of watching out for what is best for the American people.

Obama’s “tricksy” predicament is to make those government hires, without causing the current private jobs we have go down….

Consider it as an investment. Do you put all YOUR investment eggs into one basket? If you do, you need to fire your investor. Diversity is strength. Heaven help us with our current dependence upon private sector jobs, if another crisis precipitates another gigantic loss of net worth, then unlike the last time, we will have zero means to keep some money flowing into the economy….

We can see from the chart, that we need more government jobs to do what the corporations should be hiring to police themselves. They could solve this themselves. They haven’t. They won’t.

We need jobs and the Government now has no choice but be the last resort, make up the deficit, and send the bill in the form of increased taxes to corporations…

When they get Duffy to yell, we will all remind them, … it was their fault.