I remember choosing between Bill Clinton and George Herbert Walker Bush.   It was tough.  I like competence and usually support it when I find it.  George HW Bush, was one of the best when it came to the Foreign Service.   His four year reign will be mostly remembered as being one where nothing really happened here, even though cataclysmic changes were erupting all across the world stage.   (The real hero of these four years should be Brent Scowcroft.)

But the Soviet Union collapsed, and threw Europe in a turmoil.  Nuclear warheads had no one watching them. Tienanmen Square changed China forever as it abandoned the Maoism of old and opened itself to Western Development.  Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.   Noreiga thumbed the USA.

But at home, it was all like in a newspaper story, far away.   Most people didn’t even notice.   That is competence.  Of course he  is probably the most experienced president we’d ever put into the Oval Office.  He intimately knew the halls of the House of Representatives from the inside.  The knew all the quiet meeting places in the Senate; he knew what being Senator was like.  He knew the ins and outs as the head of the nations entire party apparatus.  He had the skills on how to deal with China, having been America’s envoy there before.  He knew the accumulated intelligence required and the requirements necessary to obtain it.  He knew the Oval Office from the inside, having been second in command for 8 years straight.  There never was anyone more prepared to run America.

He was stabbed in the back by his own party.  The very one that is running against America now.  For you see,  Bush had inherited  Ronald Reagan’s nemisis:  his deficit, which is something todays Republicans conveniently forget when they glowingly praise Ronald Reagan for growing wealth and prosperity.  He put it all on the nations credit card.

This Bush was determined to use his bipartisanship and people skills to steer Congress to pay down the debt.  But, as it always happens.  Republicans back then, wanted no new taxes and to cut out necessary programs.  Democrats wanted to raise taxes and keep necessary programs.  There was an impasse.

George Bush decided to take the exact middle.  He would cut, and raise taxes too.  If you are really old, you may remember he had run for the Republican Nomination, on “read my lips; no new taxes..”  He was going back on his Norquist pledge.  Democrats then in the majority,  forced the tax rates to rise.   The Republicans then said “Fuck you President,” and Republicans tanked the President’s proposal that did both, and would have reduced the deficit by half a trillion dollars!

This petty Republican move, forced Bush to scramble and the only option without Republicans, was to accept the Democratic plan of increased taxes and increased spending.   The deficit didn’t shrink.  And Republicans, once again ran this nation into the ground, to try to get another Republican elected.

Clinton won instead.  He passed a tax increase that Bush didn’t.  And unbelievably, the deficit began to shrink, and shrink, and shrink.   No one had ever expected to see that in their lifetime, but there is was.  Smaller, smaller, and smaller….  The secret is raising taxes.  Oh, and by the way, the very day after the tax bill was passed by Congress, with Al Gore casting the tie breaking vote, the stock market took off and never looked back, rising over 300% until it began to appear possible that a Republican, George W  Bush might actually beat Al Gore and at that exact point,  the market collapsed, only coming out of its decline  as America began borrowing to fund the munitions making required after the Iraqi War.

It was just like what Republicans did with the Debt Crises last  August.  Every time they act irresponsibly, the US begins its slide towards a recession.

The parallelism of these two event in history, teaches us that we can’t have hope and change until we have zero Republicans.

Don’t believe me?  Look at the stock market.  When Romney looks like he could win, or at least the threat of him winning even appears it could be possible, America takes it’s money out of the stock market.  Bain Capital does too,  Stocks fall in price as  the selling goes off the charts.   But just this summer, during that period where  Romney seemed to do nothing right, and everything forward hinged on the first debate,  and it was obvious that we were going to have a Great Democratic Spring, the money poured into the market and prices gained.

Then the debate.  Since Romney won, and Obama lost that debate,  that very morning, everyone tried to get out again; the price slid 300 points.  All because it was apparent that Romney did so well that he might actually pull it off.

You see, no one trusts Republicans with their money.  Certainly not the America people.

Look at the campaigns of Obama versus Romney.  Obama has 4 million people who said this race is life or death, and have contributed to his campaign.  That is a record number btw.   Romney counts  $100 million coming in from just 5 people.  That’s 40% of all the money he’d risen as of  September 1st.  As an aside, if elected, who do you think Romney is going to listen to?   You?   Ha, ha, ha… 🙂

So, the real problem we have, is that anyone will say or promise anything until after the wedding.  Then, once the deed is done,  the truth comes out.  It’s that way with elections.   You cannot take gifts from somebody and then totally ignore them.   I’ve seen it done by girls in high school, but that is about it.  Later in years, they pay the price for their heartlessness of their late teen years.  But mature people know that quid pro quo is a requirement of adulthood.  It just is.  Whether from your mother, your spouse, you children, your friends, your boss, your subordinates, your buddies, if they give you something, you are supposed to give them something back….

That said, one must look at who Obama, supported by 4 million middle class people,  and Romney, supported by 5 upper class billionaires, are owing this presidential run….

If you are a billionaire, then Romney will be good for you.  If you aren’t and policies that benefit billionaires stick You with the bill, than a Romney victory is something you had better fight against.

Same with Obama.  If you are middle class, and policies that benefit the Middle Class also benefit you, then Obama is the only choice you can make.  Sorry,  the other candidates all copped out.

Most experts agree that if the Republicans had been a non player these past four years, the economy would now be roaring.  But when you have one team tearing apart the motor of economic recovery, and the other team trying to build it, progress is going to be slow.

If you just take a second to look over these charts, you can see that as soon as it appears that a Republican might win, the stock market slides downward for three years, until a massive spending program is created off of borrowed money.  Pay attention to Reagan’s impact his first year, and George W. Bush’s.  As soon as each  Republican became the front runner, both killed investment.   Only one Republican bucked the trend.  George HW. Bush.  And the Republican Party ground him up and threw him out as a result.

If you want a better life, you cannot get it from Republicans.  It never has happened.  It always gets better under a Democrat.  If you want a surprise, check out Jimmy Carter? 

And money always trumps people, doesn’t it?  If someone pisses you off, but they are your money, money usually decides the outcome.  When we have to choose between people and money, money always wins. …  Simply because we are human.

There is so much money just waiting for the green light that says… Republicans are gone forever….  Once that moment even appears to be imminent,  watch out!  This economy is roaring back…..   Because, it always does under Democrats.  Always.  It always fails under Republicans …. well not always.  George HW Bush, well, I guess it is still true.  He was sunk by the same Republican Party that is currently intent upon sinking the Obama administration, and you too, if you let them.

If you love America.  Wipe them out.  If you have service men and women in your family.  Support them and what they were fighting for;  wipe out Republicans.  If you have a grandfather or grandmother who fought in World War II.  Honor them.  Wipe out Republicans.  If you truly love America, you will not only vote Democratic, but you will make it your life mission these next twenty four days, to persuade every Republican to do the same.   Otherwise your expressions of  love,… are just hollow words……

America! America!
God mend thine ev’ry flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law.
O beautiful for heroes prov’d
In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country lov’d,
And mercy more than life.

“For more than self their country loved”…….  It is time our generation answers the call.   Releasing the locked up economic power is the most important thing we can do right now for our country.    We have to make Republicans go away…  As long as they hang around, gumming up the works, at it’s best… America can and will only reach mediocre levels.

Make them go away.   Tell your friends, you neighbors, your countrymen.  America is a great nation.  It can be that way again, if we only do one single thing…

You already know what that is.