Yesterday, after being confronted directly in the courtroom by one of his victims, and being accused of ruining that person’s entire life, Jerry Sandusky, on trial for sexual deviancy, said “he’d only ever had intercourse with his wife, and that began only after they were married.”

His Etch A Sketch had just gotten shaken again….

What was interesting, was when his vocal audio was broadcast over WDEL, it did sound believable. Anyone who had no knowledge of matters, and who possessed the slightest skepticism that such a mature man could do such heinous acts, could come away from that take, believing in the man, and feeling he was victimized.

Yet, to those in the courtroom, who had shared reality with that man over the past 6 months, his words of denial were breathtaking. How could he even think that? Does he really think that? Or is he just playing up his insanity to get a different trial?

Invariably one questions: does he not remember everything that just happened, moments before?

The Republican Party is in the exact same denial. Candidates not only think they can say anything, but their campaign chiefs, even boast to the media, that they CAN say anything. “We’ll just shake the Etch A Sketch.” They are not accountable. They are a commercial for themselves.

At first thought, I can almost buy that argument. How many times over my lifespan have I heard one toothpaste is the “best” toothpaste? “Best” as determined by whom, I realized after I became adult that I should always ask. Because advertisements are allowed to exaggerate. (There would be no late night infomercials if that were not the case.)

But if I’m serious about toothpaste, there is always Consumer Reports, to give me a side by side comparison.

In campaigns, one sees a lot of different people. For example one can talk to a group of women who want to keep birth control untouched. Later that afternoon one can talk to a room full of celibate men in white collars who want sex to be used only when it is time to have a child. Being someone trying to please, it is understandable that a candidate would try to identify, and show he has similar thought process as his current audience. I think the English language actually has a word for that: it is pandering.

But the president of the United States of America is not a toothpaste. He is one person who affects billions. It is not the toothpaste situation of a billion boxed choices that affect one. We have to get this choice right.

Like it or not, our world is based on gambling. We gamble when we buy a house or car. We gamble when we choose an employer. We gambled that Obama/Biden was better than McCain/Palin. (Palin tipped the balance, for sure). We are gambling that our next president can give us four good years. Can we trust a person whose past record is to tell Israel, sure if you attack Palestine, we will support you with ground troops, then turn around and tell Palestine, if you get attacked, we will come to your defense with ground troops. Of course such actions embolden both to engage in war, and we find ourselves attacking and defending ourselves against each other?

Of course, the other side says that is what “staff” is for. They analyze data, they make the decisions and not the president. Well, why are we electing a president who can’t make decisions? Why are we electing a president who makes Jimmy Carter look decisive?

What has happened to the candidates of the Republican Party, is that they have now become like Sandusky, empowered to feel that reality is what is in their own head.

How else can we get: everyone will get a 20% tax cut, rich and poor; then get “the wealthy will not pay less in their share of taxes?” How else can we get “I’m pro choice; I will sign a bill outlawing abortion?” Sometimes in the matter of minutes? As occurred yesterday in Des Moines where the campaign had to issue a correction against the candidate’s own utterances?

And it is not only Romney. It is Ryan ( who is worse); it is Akin; it is Scott Brown; it is now Rep Paul Broun.

Exactly like Sandusky, this party has no respect for truth. Truth is a meaningless commodity to them. Saying things first, then slanting, spinning, squashing them later, or simply saying something more outrageous so no one even remembers ones previous outrageous statement, all seem to be highlighted yellow in their playbook.

Ironically like Sandusky, this party has lived a lie all their life. That lie is that giving the wealthy all the breaks, will benefit those on the bottom too.. Exactly like Sandusky this party has lived a lie all their life; Keynesian economic policies don’t work. Exactly like Sandusky, this party has lived a lie all their life. That lower taxes create more investment. Exactly like Sandusky, this party has live a lie all their life. They really care about fundamentalist Christian’s beliefs, not that they just need their vote. Exactly like Sandusky, this party has lived a lie all their life. They really give a hoot for America; they don’t just want more money for themselves……

Obviously, like Sandusky, if they had told the truth, they wouldn’t keep getting hired. And they do,.. they keep getting hired. Like the athletic department of Penn State, the American people don’t see all the facts. They white wash the accusations of malfeasance as the whinings of some underprivileged kid. “He’s such a nice man. Those accusations can’t be true.” “Sandusky, are they true?” “Oh, no. Of course not.” “See, I told you they weren’t true.”

There are plenty of truth tellers out there. Google “Romney Liar” and you get 34,800,000 results in 0.20 seconds… So why are we talking about this bounce in the polls instead of how it was achieved? It is like commenting on the smile on Jerry Sandusky’s face, without asking him why. ” Gee, Jerry, you look so happy and upbeat today.”

America. We know we are being lied to. We know the price is high. We know the Big Fall will inevitably come.

Except in this race, it will be much bigger than the elimination of a Big Ten school from playoff competition. It may be the end of the world.