Two more sponsors on the position that the debates shut out Gary Johnson, pulled their sponsorships US News and World Reports, reports.  Three are out.  Seven remain.

Phillips Electronics and the YWCA who were hit with a massive email campaign, yanked their sponsorships over their concern that these debates were partisan and not non-partisan as originally intended.  The debate commission being a 501 (c) (3) organization,  requires sponsors for its funding, and the loss of two more sponsors will impact it greatly.

The bi-party commission had excluded Gary Johnson because it stated he did not meet the 15% threshold level previously set.   There is increasing concern across this nation that the dual bi-partisian commission is intent on keeping third party candidates out of debates.  Doing so, would make them partisan and thereby violate the stipulations of their tax status.

The Gary Johnson campaign has a lawsuit on the docket to open the debates to third parties.  It appears the court will not overrule the debate commission.

However the loss of a major sponsor could change the tune of the debate commission.  The loss of two, could change it faster.

Note:  the following sponsors remain.  Please email them to withdraw as well.

Howard G. Buffet Foundation
Sheldon S. Cohen
Crowell & Moring
Kovler Fund
Southwest Airlines