Congress has under a 10% approval rating. It seems like every time something comes up, the Republicans filibuster. They don’t have the votes to stop it, so they filibuster indefinitely.

Does that make sense in a majority ruled country? Where we elected a majority of representatives to move the nation forward in the direction we think it should go, that those in the minority, apparently a very sliver of the minority, can simply stop all progress from going forward?

Americans are beginning to understand that America NEEDS one party rule. And it had better be the Democratic Party that is doing it…. Seriously, you want a party the ignores 47% of the population thinking they don’t matter?

It appears Obama has won. Already well over the delegate count needed, his primary goal is to follow Roosevelt’s example. Campaign against each and every single elected Republican. He can do that from the bully pulpit. He can say, “this is the direction I wanted to go; this is the direction you chose me to go; this is the problem I can’t get there. I need you, because it is your duty, it is your right, to eliminate the problem. I need one party rule these next four years….”

Roosevelt had the same issue, but he didn’t have the 60 filibuster rule in the Senate. Roosevelt actually had it much easier than Obama, and although he was playing against the same animosity Obama now faces, he didn’t have to have a perfect hand each time he sat down to play at the table. America hobnobbed this president. First in re-electing Chambliss in the Georgia runoff in 2008, then with the tea party flip in 2010. Since the House went Republican, Congress has stopped producing.

It could produce what the Republicans wanted, if the Senate went along. Which means there would be no tax revenue coming into the treasury, and no outlays going out. The federal Government would be shut down and shuttered. It also could produce what Democrats wanted, if the House went along. Which means that Obama would be considered the best president ever because of the roaring economy. Republicans couldn’t have that.

So, electing a party that serves the interest of all Americans, instead of just one half, would be a good investment towards this nation’s future.

If you’ve always voted for divided government, this it the year not to. A two party system where one party is Republican equals gridlock. We are tired of that.

All Democrats in 2012? It’s the best way to show you love your country.