As the race tightens new poll results pour in every day…

So what better way to watch debates then with booze.  Which means…   to most ordinary everyday Americans, watching debates has suddenly become ….  fun.

So, as a public service here are some drinking game rules out there.  (I’m surprised no one locally has jumped the shark on this), I guess they are too seriously influence by politics to enjoy the excellence enhanced by inebriation.

Here is my favorite, and the rules which I will be playing.  Obviously these rules were thought up by someone who was sober.

When words are in quotes, that means you take a drink the for duration of time indicated when either candidate uses those words in the debate.

THE GIMMEES (2 Seconds)

“Class warfare”


“Tax cut(s)”

“Forty-seven percent”

“Fair share”

“Small business(es)”

THE PROBABLES (3 seconds)



“My opponent”





“Job killing” or “job killer(s)”

“Fast and furious”

Split-screen shot of candidates

Either candidate references spouse

Either candidate mentions a “Joe the Plumber”



“That’s not true” or “That’s not accurate”

“This election is about…”

“This election is not about…”

Either candidate makes obvious gaffe

Romney laughs nervously



Obama says someone didn’t build that

Romney tries to make a wager…..

Let me know how you feel tomorrow morning….


Baltimore Sun

Philadelphia Sun

Ft. Worth (Texan Style) for my conservative  Republican friends

College Humor

Professional Debaters (lawyers and those who argue for a living)

The ScArizona (pronounced Scare a Zona) Version

The National Journal


Here you go, my public service has been accomplished for the day.   Now,  after looking these over, my inventory appears to be lower than my anticipated needs.  I’m off to the liquor store.

(Oh, and if you are truly hard core,  keep a permanent marker ( I like the idea of red or blue) and write down each black out time on that person’s forehead…  )

Can’t wait for tomorrow…