It is funny but a presidential debate sucks up all the air out of the room.   I could be cheering the demise of Dallas.  But it seems like a dream.  I could look at the stupid little videos tossed out by supporters on both sides, but they all seem petty.  I could look at helping local races, and getting involved, but there is just no motivation…. Every thought arrives first, having skirted around Debate Number One.

All is at stake tonight.  I remember the movie Troy to which I was dragged primarily because of Brad Pitt, in which the fate of two armies were to be determined by the battle between two single men, Ajax and Achilles.  (The outcome was decided in 5 seconds.)  But that is where we are kind of,  this week.   Things are so close between two trains of thought, that America and the world, has signed on to the agreement that our fates, will be determined but what goes on stage this Wednesday….

Romney will be Achilles; Obama is Ajax.  Which does not speak well for the Democrats.  Basically it boils down to two roles:  the challenger and the status quo.  In such a contest, the challenger always wins, because he has nothing to defend.  The status quo, has to defend and attack at the same time.  Only when the challenger is weak and incompetent will he lose… ( like the Dallas Cowboys were able to accomplish last night…)

So what do we do in the fall out?  Blame our candidate?  Blame ourselves? Rue our fate?  Or do we continue to do what we do so well and hope for fate?  Change peoples minds, one at a time….

The spin will be maddening after, and before.  It has to be because unlike the score of the game, there is no way to determine winners or losers except by consensus.  And spin, develops the consensus.

But the thing you have to remember is simple.  Are we better off than we were in 2009?  Yes, we are.  Do we want to go back to the same leadership that gave us that crash in 2009?  No, we don’t…

The choice is simple, if you avoid all spin, all b s, all the crap.   It is as simple as your pocketbook.  Do we want growth and prosperity we had during the Clinton years?  or the downhill slide we had in the Bush years?

Clear and simple.  Things were good and got bad quickly under past Republican Presidential Leadership.  Things were really bad and got a lot better under the Democratic umbrella….

Nothing else really matters.