When he worked for Christine O’Donnell, there were Mike Castle’s goons hiding in her bushes… When she won, they thought that was why. because she was persecuted.  It was then Chris Coons goons who spent their nights hiding in Christine O’Donnell’s bushes….  When she runs in 2014, she has said that she will have her bushes sprayed prior with goon repellent….

Now, her goon is running against the world’s best person… That goon is Evan Quittheshit.  You may have heard him on WDEL phoning into Rick Jensen.

This is what he said.  Bryan Townsend is a Manchurian candidate, who was kidnapped, sent off to China, spent time in a gulag(Soviet?), where he was psychologically brainwashed,  reprogrammed, and sent back as an global agent of Agenda 21, or was it Spectra, or was it KAOS…  It was one of those global organizations that has to have secret agents competent and daring, fighting against it, to thereby keep it secret and off the pages of media, and from ever becoming a household word.

Never heard of Agenda 21, or Spectra, or KAOS?   That is because those secret agents are doing their job correctly.    Max Smart contained KAOS.  James Bond shut down Spectra, and Evan Quittheshit, is on top of Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 wants to take over your house, and instill its agents to set up ham radios and communicate with beings from beyond.  Agenda 21, will come into your house, kill you and your spouse, then take your kids to camp and use psychedelic drugs to brainwash them into becoming robots who will kill on demand.  Agenda 21 will kill your dog, send it overseas to be put in pet food to be sent back to the US and be unknowingly fed to your replacement dog.  They have giant computers to make sure that can shows up at your house.

Only one man can stop them from taking over District 11,  Evan Quittheshit…..  Our lives lie in his hands.    For he has stated thus: only if elected will he hide in our bushes, and keep us all safe.

District 11 is the most powerful place in the world.  That is why Agenda 21 sent Bryan Townsend here…..

WE ARE IN DEEP DANGER.  Vote Evan Quittheshit and save the world.