Matthew 6:6 And Jesus said unto his disciples, “Jam God’s will down people’s throats. Pray openly and loudly and judge all those who do not pray openly and loudly as non believers.”

John 3:20 Jesus looked upon the crowd and proclaimed, “Oral contraceptives are murder. If a woman is truly raped, her body will shut that down. Rape the children but remember to ask God for forgiveness, because only then will you enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Mark 12:17 Then Jesus said unto them, “Overthrow Caesar. Refuse to pay your taxes or proclaim them wrong. Run for office and take over your nation’s rulers and replace man’s law with God’s law. It is God’s will that you lie and cheat to achieve these goals.

(Stolen from a comment over at Delaware Liberal.)

For any Christian, or person of Jewish, Muslim, or other faith, the only two choices in  this election for president, are between Obama and Gary Johnson.  (Seriously, Johnson’s platform needs a closer look by all people of faith).

You cannot be considered by the rest of us to be a Christian according to the standards set within the  New Testament, and continue to vote Republican.

If you hate your old party, and can’t still bring yourself to vote for our current president, then I suggest as a person of faith, that you seriously take a gander  at Gary Johnson and the Libertarian (good, old Reagan Republican) Party and see how much better those values mirror yours, than the stuff coming out of today’s Republican Party.