Ruth Ann Briggs calls the 37th District of Delaware Home…   It is a long, skinny district looking remarkably like a part of the male anatomy, stretching from Georgetown to the coastal communities of Long Neck…  Naturally, it is being fought over by two women candidates….  The challenger is Elizabeth E. McGinn.

At one point in time this year, Elizabeth was challenging Ruth Ann Briggs in the Republican Primary.  Eric Bodenweiser, had courted her, brought her to the election office, and had her sign up.   Eric Bodenweiser just won his Republican Senatorial primary, and since his territory and that of Ruth Ann Briggs now overlap, inquiring minds in Sussex County want to know who Eric will support.  Will he  1) support his friend and supporter who happens to belong to the Democratic Party?  Or, will he toe the party line and support someone he doesn’t like, has extremely different outlooks from, and can’t stand enough that he had recruited someone he could work with, to run against her?

Why are we even debating this, Sussex County?  Of course he is going to support the better candidate.  That candidate is NOT  a  Republican…

Voters in the 37th have a very real option.  They can elect a clown,  one of those old Barry Goldwater Republicans , out dated,  unrated, and never elated, … to be their  show piece in the state legislature.  Since she is so far out of the mainstream, even conservative Republicans are pulling for a Democrat to run against her.  Such a person, will not be needed for any close votes.  Such a person, who campaigns  on her purity rather than her purposefulness,  will not be able to help her district very much, when it comes time to compete for funds.

Elizabeth, however, whose conservative credentials cannot be challenged even though she is a Democrat,  will be needed for the caucus.  Very similar to Thurman Adams in Bridgeville,  because she is in the major party, they will need her to pass any close legislation.  If keeping your district conservative and receiving plums (every legislator’s true job) is how you would like it to happen, then voting for someone representing your beliefs, who will have access to those in power, is a far better bet.   The opposite would be to vote for someone representing your beliefs, who does not even get to share a room with those in power.

For what we want is a government that works.  Ideally all of us know that compromise is a fact of life.  Far too often Republicans have gummed up the works by refusing to do just that.   Sussex County, do you compromise in your marriage?  Do you compromise on your church boards, when there is a difference of opinion?  Do you compromise when dealing with your children?  Of course you do.  Of course we all do…   Except for Rose Ann Briggs.  She defiles common decency, which is why, Eric Bodenweiser got a lifelong Democrat to sign up and primary her in her own district…..

For people are the people they are… If you grow up where everyone is conservative, it is what you are.  You don’t change your values because you change your party.  That is ridiculous.  You stay the same.  The same applies to liberals too, no matter what party you belong too.  You are, what you are….

Having a Democrat conservative instead of a Republican conservative, changes only one thing.  The amount that gets done for your district.  In fact,  I know this is hard for some old Republicans to swallow, it it time for the Republican party to wither and die.  They have marginalized themselves into oblivion.   Today, their source of power in Congress is the fact they do nothing.   They have no power here in Delaware.   In fact their party’s chair, Seigler, points to the prison work release program to deflect attention that in this upcoming election,  there are only 26 Republicans on the state ballot; only 8 more then third parties like the Libertarians, and dwarfed by the 65 spots contested by the Democrats.

So voters of the 37th.  Don’t let a name put you off.  Democrats are conservative too.   If you want your voices heard,  well, a Republican addressing an empty caucus room, won’t do it.

Voters in the 37th, irregardless of the shape their district is in, need to vote for the best woman around.  And Eric Bodenweiser will certainly tell you (just look at his eyes when she walks into a room) Elizabeth E. McGinns can deliver…..

Really, what did Ruth Ann Briggs bring you these past two years?  Compare that to John Atkins district to the south of you….

Eric Bodenweiser knows what he is doing…  You’d better pay attention.