From a womans perspective, it would be horrible.

Personhood would begin at conceptions… “Personhood” would outlaw all abortions, even in the cases of rape, incest and threats to a woman’s health. “Personhood” also criminalizes many forms of birth control, including the pill (which is the most popular form of birth control). It also threatens couples going through in vitro fertilization with criminal charges should something happen to the resulting embryos – or as Ryan would say, the resulting people.

That controversial law would be passed that would force women seeking an abortion (before it was made illegal) to go through a medical procedure, a forced ultrasound,

Ryan voted for the “let women die” bill which would allow hospitals to refuse to provide a woman emergency, lifesaving abortion care, even if she could die without it.

Planned Parenthood would disappear. Medicaid would disappear. 21 million women would suddenly have NO HEALTH CARE. Republicans say they will pass a national law allowing emergency rooms to turn away those who cannot pay. Obamacare would disappear on day one. In the meantime while Congress struggled to decide which pieces of Obamacare to keep and which to toss, insurance prices triple, and covered items dwindle to minimum cost items only.

Preventive services like mammograms, cancer screenings, and birth control, with no co-pays would be a thing of the past. Most people could not afford the $500+ charge these screenings would cost coming out of their own pocket.

Medicare would be replaced with Coupon Care. If your coupon was for $500, the medical office could charge you $700 and you would be responsible for the $200 dollars… You know, like when you go to the grocery store and have always paid two dollars for a bag of chips, and you get a coupon that says, special this week 2 for $5 dollars… Yeah, coupon care to benefit the medical businesses. Not patients or doctors.

Life will be hell.. Your net worth will drop. You will soon be on 11th and and Pine selling yourself to keep your house payment…

THAT is Romney/Ryan’s vision of America…. They are so Christian-like. I just love them…
A Full Fledged Citizen of the United States of America
An Entitlement Undeserving of Any Medical Attention