I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures… These conventions were both unconventional.

The press, as usual, is too blind to see. They have their talking points, a rubric previously made out, and they just fill in where the candidate scores on that piece of paper.

Both these conventions were different, as in unconventional… . The challenger, did not propose a plan… It was… “we’re going to do better, because (tax cut) we are”… In other words they were pandering for a vote. “Hey, if you vote for me for hall monitor, I’ll give you my (tax cut) Snicker’s bar…. Plan? (tax cut) We’re supposed to have a plan?” The entire theme of the Tampa convention appeared to be to make sure Romney didn’t mess up. (I think Clint Eastwood and Congressman Ryan took care of that for him…..)

The final speech of Obama has been ranked as a dud by many pundits who were highly intoxicated at that hour. I believe they were predicting another Obama 2004.. They got Obama 2012.

When it comes to speeches, members of the press don’t get it… I’m deducing it is not the fault of the people; it comes with the profession… Perhaps that lack of understanding, comes out of their self dream, that chimera where they write glowingly of one event, that will immortalize them forever….

For you see, in history, there was another speech. It too followed a long winded orator. But instead of 50 minutes, I believe reports said the set up speaker talked for 2 hours… Then the main guest got up, pulled out some words he’d just jotted down on the train ride up there, and began…….

“Four score, and 7 years ago, our father’s brought forth on this continent…..”

Then came the reviews…..

“I was close to the President and heard all of the Address, but it seemed short. Then there was an impressive silence like our …Friends Meeting. There was no applause when he stopped speaking.” — Sarah Cooke Myers

“The cheek of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly, flat and dishwatery utterances of the man who has to be pointed out to intelligent foreigners as the President of the United States.”– Chicago Times

(Ha, ha: politics will never change, will it?) They were wrong.

Great speeches are not about flair, finesse, wordiness. They communicate from one heart… to another.

Time will tell, but this unconventional speech by Obama, tells us, we got someone watching our back. I prefer that to being strapped to the roof of a car..

I think, over time, this speech will be one of those who’s pieces get memorized by school children through both this century and the next. Because it was direct. (I keep thinking of Churchill talking to the British People, holding them together when there was no hope, … except him….)

Obama’s opponent’s tack, was not to do anything, but … appear normal…..

America deserves something a whole lot better than… normal. Remember… Cheerleaders don’t win football games….
Today’s reporters were looking for cheerleaders.. America, is looking for a leader….