If Tony DeLuca was in a Warners Brother’s cartoon, he would be the little red devil flirting above the head… Karen Petersen, his Senate antagonist, would be the winged, angelic figure, flirting about the other ear…

Recently Karen was alluding to Tony DeLuca when she said…. “When any member of the Senate abuses power, we have not only the right, but the obligation to elect a better representation. The 11th District deserves a Senator who has integrity, a good work ethic, a record of community service, and a desire to serve the people who elect him…. “ She obviously supports Tony DeLuca’s opponent.

Recently someone in Tony DeLuca’s District was quoted:… .. “I never heard of the guy and now I get 5 pieces of mail a day from him!!!… You say fourteen years!!!!! And I never heard of him? That’s ridiculous.. He’s got to go…”

Which to this intriguing mind, begs the question: How is this guy able to be keep getting reelected?

Naturally one pulls up his campaign finance forms….

As of the 30 day financial report, Anthony had raised $48,760… That is to be expected… When you single handedly control which bills get onto the floor to be voted upon in the corporate capital of the world, $48,760 is really not that much… One would certainly expect the maximum contribution allowed from corporations with names like Axcess Financial Services, Inc., Artesian Water, Advance America (Spartanburg, SC); Cozen O’Conner First State PAC (1900 Market Street, Phila. PA); DELBANKPAC, Delaware Association of insurance&Financial Advisors PAC; Delaware Automobile and Truck Dealers Association; Delaware Park Management Company; Delaware Standardbred Owners Association; Delaware Supermarkets; Franklin Strategies; MacFarlane Group Inc (Mission KS); NRG Energy (Princeton NJ); Orrick, Harrington& Sutcliffe.LLP (San Francisco,CA); PLF Properties (Mission KS); Pilots Association for Bay and River(Columbus Blvd,Phila.PA); Retail Services and Systems (Potomac, MD); Senate Victory PAC (209 Linden Ave. Wilm); THE PAC (1201 N. Orange Street); The Committee for a Better Future; The Hertich Family of Automobile Dealerships (Seaford); United Distributors of Delaware; Wilmington Trust Corp PAC…….. and that is just up through August… The next report, the 8 Day report, gets turned in… now in fact… The election is in 6 days…..

Hmmmmm…. Has anyone seen the 8 Day Finance Report for Anthony DeLuca 2012? Hmmmmmm…. It seems to be missing…. Let’s check the calender one more time…. Let’s see… The election is on Tuesday, right? That is September the 11th. So… one day would be the tenth, one more the ninth, then the eighth, seventh, sixth, and today. … I count six days, which means,,, ELECTION LAW VIOLATION? … go figure it was on the President Pro Tempore of the Delaware General Assembly, Mr $48,760 himself….

Hmmmm, maybe it’s a glitch within the Elections Office….

Anyways, the point being made, is that if Tony has not been seen in his district, and if there are no addresses within his district who support him on his campaign finance forms, and he has the maximum being dumped into his campaign from groups in Mission, KS; Spartansburg, SC; San Francisco, Market Street in Philly, not to mention the global corporate capital of the world, ….. who exactly is he spending all his time working for?

So back to my original question…. How does one then, buy a District’s Vote?

Expenditures: Campaign Finance Form. 30 Day Primary……

People in the 11 District have received on the average, one campaign piece per day… They are slick pieces that extol Tony’s virtues as a community organizer (cough, cough)… as a champion for open government (cough, cough); as a labor supporter (cough, cough); as someone tight fisted with government’s money (golf courses, cough, cough); as an educational leader (cough, cough); as an anti industrial friend of the environment (Valero cough, cough); as a fearless labor negotiator who stands up for the working man while he cuts their salaries (cough, cough)…. These come flying in at one a day… One a day? I exaggerate… try two a day… You can tell you are in Tony DeLuca’s district because when you look down the street all the mailboxes are tipping sideways…..

Expenditures: Tony DeLuca 30 Day Primary 2012

787 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $6887.50 8/10/2012
737 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $3443.75 6/26/2012
737 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $3770.00 7/31/2012
737 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $10,875.00 7/18/2012
737 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $3987.00 7/18/2012
737 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $3987.50 7/17/2012

Aggregate Total of money leaving Delaware and going to Washington Dc to this address?

$32,951.25 going to a Petel & Company….

Patel & Company to whom you pay a fee, and they create an “image” of a candidate who really does not exist in real life…. I gotta admit. They do a good job and the CEO is “hot”… I hope this piece steers some credible business their way… Because they do a good job. The Tony DeLuca in everyone’s mailbox is not… the Tony Deluca they have had as their Senator for the last fourteen years…. Yep… Fourteen years of an invisible presence… Well, I shouldn’t say invisible…..

The Lobbyists sure see enough of him….. Lol…

And that, my friends, is how you buy a district’s votes…..