Here is some original research.

The CAAP or Coalition of African American Pastors, is lambasting Obama for his position on Gay Marriage. The spokesperson is often on right wing news expressing the Black pastors disenchantment that Obama has come out for gay marriage.

The leader of that organization is William Owen’s Sr. Here is the published list..

Bishop George D. McKinney, Jurisdictional Prelate of Southern California Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and General Board Member of the Church of God in Christ; senior pastor of St. Stephens Cathedral in San Diego, CA

Bishop Felton Smith, Prelate of the Tennessee Eastern First Jurisdiction and Senior Pastor of New Covenant Fellowship Church of God in Christ in Nashville, TN. He also serves as Episcopal Coordinator on the Board of Bishops for the Church of God in Christ.

Bishop Brandon B Porter, Prelate of the Tennessee Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ and Senior Pastor of Greater Community Temple, Memphis, TN

Bishop Ed Stephens, Jr., Senior Pastor of Golden Gate Cathedral, Memphis TN

Bishop James H. Gaylord, Prelate of the 1st Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Eastern New York and Senior Pastor of Kelly Temple Church of God in Christ, Harlem, NY

Dr. Dwight Montgomery, Pastor of Annesdale Cherokee Baptist Church, Memphis, and President of the SCLC (Memphis Chapter)

Dr. Chuck Singleton, Senior Pastor of Loveland Church, Ontario, CA

Bishop Robert Jefferson, Senior Pastor of Cullen Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, TX

Bishop Janice Hollis, Presiding Prelate of the Covenant International Fellowship of Churches, Memphis, TN

Rev. William Owens, Sr., Founder and President, Coalition of African American Pastors, Memphis, TN

Bishop David Allen Hall, D.M., Jurisdictional Prelate of the 1st Ecclesiastical Headquarters Jurisdiction of Tennessee and the Senior Pastor of Temple Church of God in Christ, Memphis, TN

Bishop Charles Rodgers, Senior Pastor, New Dimensions Ministries, Memphis, TN

Superintendent Pastor Jerry Taylor, Senior Pastor, Holy City COGIC, Memphis, TN

Pastor H.O. Kneeland, Pastor Union Valley Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

Pastor Robert Bowers, Pastor True Faith Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

Associate Pastor Ivory Jackson, Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, Memphis, TN

Elder Robert Morris, Acting Minister of New Jerusalem COGIC, Memphis, TN

The coalition statement is a project of Coalition of African American Pastors based in Memphis, Tennessee.

A quick look shows that none of these are national denominational churches. All are independent, stand alones. Checking the websites for some, one notices that despite supposedly being supposedly anti gay, there is considerable use of lavender colors in their web designs. Nice touch. Several churches have the same m/o. A pastor moves into a poor neighbor, begins a church, ordains his family, and promotes himself to Bishop.

That is fine, they certainly are allowed to do so.

But interestingly enough, one can find no church for the groups founder: William Owens, Sr. All searches lead to the CAAP and stop. Supposedly Mr. Owens was Nashville’s senior civil rights activist, but no internet evidence nor personal remembrances from long term Nashville residents, could find evidence. It may still be out there….

One other piece of evidence came from the AME Church, a legitimate denominational church with congregations scattered over the nation, who disclaimed any knowledge of Rev. William Owens, and alluded he was not a real pastor. “Contrary to the report, neither the AME Church nor its leadership is involved with or partnering with the Coalition of African-American Pastors.” He had no business including them in his press releases and they were disallowing any association what so ever.

Here is a list of some of the prominent press clips William Owens has made. No doubt, you have see some of them..

I was curious how someone could be on television all over the place and yet, have no history, no church, no congregation, no press. up until Obama had come out to say he was for Gay Marriage.

So I Googled William Owens Republican Party ….. and a whole new history opened up…

In 2004 he was alligned to:
The Arlington Group
801 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
Founded in 2002 in Arlington, Virginia by then Executive Director: Shannon Royce… Members include the heads of 75 (as of September 2006) Religious Right groups such as Paul Weyrich, Don Wildmon, James Dobson, and Gary Bauer. The Arlington Group describes itself as a “powerful coalition of leaders from the pro-family community, [that] develops and executes national and grassroots strategies to: protect the traditional institution of marriage, increase respect for every human life, limit judicial activism, and act on other moral issues of concern.” (Oh, and it was nice to see Ken Blackwell’s name resurface here; coming again out of the shadows, huh)

Arlington Group members contributed $1,989,545 million in 2004 to pass ballot measures nationwide. In Ohio their contributions totaled $1.18 million, 98% of the total expenditures for the Ohio ballot.

In 2004, the Rev. William Owens, head of the Coalition of African-American Pastors in Memphis organized a meeting of his organization with the executive board of the Arlington Group. Owens is now a member of the AG Executive Committee.

The Arlington Group quickly announced plans to run a multimillion-dollar campaign to pressure the administration to select a right-wing successor. The group planned to target 20,000 pastors and congregations and use Christian talk radio and television, direct mail, and grassroots organizing.

Frank Cannon, head of the American Principles Project, a group opposed to same-sex marriage, confirms his group’s political action fund is paying public relations firm Shirley & Banister</a> to assist CAAP’s communications strategy.

Nuff said….

At the National Press Club in July, William Owen’s Sr. was accompanied by another pastor, William Owens Jr, his son. His son is head of the “Mandate for Marriage” initiative … announced the launching of a nationwide effort against President Barack Obama’s support for same-sex marriage …..

So I Googled William Owens, Jr.

I found out he was a graduate of Oral Roberts University. He is also head of something called Higher Standards Enterprises, which is a shell anomaly listing only himself as a member of “The Leadership Team”…..

Oh, and… he is the Publisher at Tea Party Review Magazine and looking over the electronic version one sees no mention of homosexuality.

And you might also remember him before Obama’s first term, as the author of Obama: Why Black America Should Have Doubts….

Meaning the whole anti Obama message involving Gay Marriage is simply cooked up…. Invented perhaps is the correct term.

Review: The Arlington Group invents a quasi religious organization to stage press conferences masquerading as black clergy, and incorporating a few gullible real clergy along for the ride. Main stream news organizations go out of their way and bend over backward to interview this made-up group, and I too swallowed the bait knowledgeable as I was, even though I thought it curious that all the black clergy I knew were rather tolerant of allowing homosexuals into their congregations, knowing full well that within the black community, homosexuality has existed outside the glare of publicity for a long time. Furthermore, I also knew within families, that homosexuality was tolerated at a much higher rate than found among its counterparts in the same economic class in white rural America…. So yes, it seemed odd, but I believed it… after all, who would lie about something like that?

Now we know. The Tea Party Express and the Arlington Group, as well as the American Principals Project, are what is funding Shirley & Banister Public Relations, who are behind the CAAP or Coalition of African America Pastors… 20 people out of 311 million.

Why are these guys even on my TV? (and why did my tv reception just go to black and white….lol.. ref. Obama speech 9/1/12 Urbandale,Iowa)