Mitt Romney tells 533 lies in 30 weeks. All of them documented…

We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers,” Romney’s pollster, Neil Newhouse, said.

Many Christians have responded that it is ok to lie when you are doing it, but when other people do it to you, it is not right…

People of other religions and non Christians reasonably do not think that is moral. Just that last Christian statement alone, on its own, appears to be self serving.

In fact it looks like that since Republican philosophy is now untenable, the vision came to Team Romney that if they just lied fast and furious enough, nobody could, would, or should be able to check out whether or not any of their statements were true. Their inner office said, “if we can do it in rapid progression so that if someone catches us on one, we can just shake the etch-a-sketch, and by then 70 more lies have passed and they won’t even know it… If we just broadcast them redundantly enough, so viewers see enough of them, then the power of our suggestion can cause them to fill out the rest of their sentences with our words upon just hearing the beginnings of our initial word… if we can just do that: we will win…”

“Truth?” They say. “It’s worth nothing… Money is worth something, Truth? Would you rather have truth and be dirt poor” they say, “or let us lie to you so we can all be rich?”

Ryan’s definite brazen lying is just a case in point. With Ryan, it was not something someone said that got told to him by someone who may have mis-phrased it… (In other words lying with a fall-back excuse upon which to deflect criticism…..)

Oh no.

This was Ryan lying about what happened right around him. This is Ryan lying about what he did, and blaming it on Obama….

This is Ryan, stabbing the economy from the back with a dagger, 50, 60, 70 times, then playfully cutting off the head, then each arm, then the legs, then the toes on the legs, then the fingers on the hand, then stabbing the eye sockets, then cutting off the tongue, and suddenly police are knocking on the door, Obama comes down the stairs in his bathrobe, stares at Ryan in shock, Ryan gently tosses the knife and says “catch”, Obama instinctively grabs it, Ryan opens the door, and says, “He did it. He’s the one.”

Ryan prefaced his Janesville comment by saying, I know that plant in my hometown, I have friends who work there… So we know that Ryan didn’t just slip out and blame Obama for closing a plant that shut down while George W. Bush was president….. He knows…

He knows.
He Knows..

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor….” who said that? Was it Michelle Bachmann? Or was it Herman Cain…? Maybe it was Thomas Jefferson? or John Adams? Alexander Pope? John Dryden? William Shakespeare? Or did it come from Ancient Rome? Or Greece? Or the Hittites? The Assyrians? The Babylonians? The Egyptians? The Twelve Tribes of Israel? Maybe it came from Abraham himself? Issac? Jacob? Moses?

You know where it came from my Christian Brothers…. It came from God Himself…

“Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”…..

Ok, Evangelicals… What do your preachers tell you to do when a candidate commits and or supports sin… Like sex before marriage, like birth control, like abortion, like homosexuality?…..

You know exactly what they say… And in your hearts, deep, deep within your hearts, what do you feel God would say to you, when you come before him in judgment, …. “Satan was running for election in 2012, and you knew it, and you voted for him…. I was deeply disappointed in you!… You made a conscious choice to vote for sin…. What do you have to say before I decide where your eternity will be spent?”

Evangelicals how do you answer that?

“I, I, I… voted against the Black man!” “yessss, yes .. you… did… I sent you signs, and you ignored them, why?”

“I don’t know, I was angry… I wanted the black man gone…” “….And…. so…. you… elected Satan to be in charge of the country…. “‘

“Tell me, as a Christian, how were you so easily confused?” ” I was trying not to vote for gay marriage…”

“OH, gay marriage…. again… Where did i say I was against Gay marriage? ” My Son never spoke of it… And it is not there in my Ten Commandments now, is it? ” “No.”

“you Do know the 10 commandments, don’t you?” “Of course” “What is the 9th commandment, can you tell me? I seem to have forgotten……”

“Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor…”

“And you did anyway….. Hmmmmmm Tell me… do you know that it is called when you disobey God?”

“sin, it’s called sin…”

“Yes……. and do you know what the wages of sin are?”…..

“The wages of sin are death….”

“Yes, I was real clear about that…… wasn’t I?…. and yet you still chose sin, over what I sent to rebuild America.”

“I’m sorry God…. I was human, I didn’t know…”

“Look down beneath your feet, you are floating in air by my power right now. When I release you, you will drop… Look down… What do you see?”

“I see lava, fire, brimstone, ,,,,it looks like the inside of Mt. Doom on Lord of the Rings….”

“Ahhh, Mt. Doom… the best trilogy mortals ever made…..”

“Anyways…. you sinned and the wages of sin are death. You voted, sent money, and worked for my enemy, Satan. I sent signs, I told you repeatedly and he lied repeatedly, …. you chose not to follow God’s path… I hereby sentence you. to……”

“God, God…. Wait Up, Hold Up There Just a minute…”

“Yes, Jesus? You wish to say something?”

He’s with me… I died for him… Let him come over…. He’s one of mine…..