it seems very hard to pay attention to the Republican Convention this year…. I’m reminded of the McBeth line of the “poor fool, who struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and from then, is heard, no more.”

But doesn’t the party chairman remind you of Mr. Bean? Tonight was the first time I’ve seen Pribeus in video, and … yes, Dean Atchenson it is….. I hope the Tampa Doom is not turkey that gets stuck on his head….

And coming so close off the heels of the Olympics, am I the only one expecting the announcer to speak in French after she announces in English? I know Romney brought her back from London, the voice prints match up exactly….

And yes, Governor Christie reminded me of the blowfish on “Finding Nemo”… And it wasn’t a joke about his weight. It was more of the closeup camera that rounds out the image near the extremities, and the shifting blue background, that makes one think he is with the speaker on a boat, with the background rising and falling behind the addressee…..

The convention is too stale. It looks small. Like is that all the Republicans there are? and why the empty seats? That observation could come from just having seen the Olympics as well… The whole atmosphere seems like an early August high school scrimmage….

And looking for substance… there is none… it is all slogans. Christie with his “I’m not concerned about teacher’s unions, I care about teachers”…. Cheers. Cheers… But wait a minute… Do you know what he did to teachers? Really, do you know? Ironically, he cares about teachers so much, that he cut what they will be getting upon retirement, even if they had one year to go, by… 40%…. If they were entitled to 100,000. they get 60,000… Imagine trying to live on thirty years on $60,000? If all my bills were paid off, I could probably live two years on that amount. And then… I’d be destitute… How about you?

Then, he takes the 40% he won’t give them, puts it in general funding, and brags how he balances the budget without raising taxes….

He says he cares about teachers…. and as of two hours ago, no one called him on it…… Truth is, teachers unions care about teachers. That is why they had teachers strikes way back when to establish those very benefits. Society said, you know, we care about teachers too, Government should guarantee their pension until they die…

And everyone gives Christie a pass… Oh well.

Nothing anyone says of does will make a difference anyway… It is like watching a football rivalry that in the past was hotly contested, and now, is a battle between Lurie and Jones on who can throw the most money away at advertising….

So I would have to say it is because of Citizens/United that this convention is spinning its wheels, and no one cares… We know who the nominees are, we’ve decided already who we will vote for, and as soon as the convention ends, here come the unleashed floods of advertising….

We were all fooled… The Constitution is about protecting the rights of money, not people…….