TVP… When the first partisan clamors erupted deriding Romney for not releasing tax returns, I defended him. The election should be on values, on what affects us the voters, and not be sidetracked on the details of where a person makes their money. To be honest, that question of where we make our money, keeps a lot of us out of the ring.

Personally I wouldn’t want people intent on trying to ruin me, to have access to my tax information…. It’s a battle no one can win. Either one makes too much money and pays too little taxes, or one makes too little money, and look at the fool, he could have done this and paid far less… Personal is private, and should be so…..

But over time, the question of trust inserted itself. And to use marriage as an example, it is kind this question being asked to a future spouse… “You say you want a relationship and you want to marry me for life, but even though it is happening in less than 100 days, you still won’t explain to me, why you disappear every Friday and come back Monday morning…..”

Maybe they are helping the homeless. Maybe they are volunteering at a group home, Maybe they are cleaning up rivers across the country. Maybe they are fighting forest fires… All good reasons not to break off an engagement….

But the silence also begs these questions. Maybe they already have a spouse, a weekend relationship kind of thing. Maybe they have a lover, and are cheating on me the very moment I’m sending a love text to them. Maybe they are bi sexual, and a disease may infect me off one of that person’s partners. Maybe they are robbing banks, crystallizing meth, or doing activities I simply will never know.

So you see my dilemma as a voter. I, like the engaged spouse in the example above, have to decide if I love this person enough to deal with this errant behavior and secrecy that follows it, or if not knowing the answer to his disappearance, I should cut my losses and begin my search of lifelong happiness anew….. .

If you approach this from the realm of relationship counseling, you will see the warning behaviors sticking up rather vividly.

One: he trusted John McCain, but he doesn’t trust the American people. In a relationship, when a partner withholds secrets, it is rarely for that other partners good. It is an attempt to distance oneself, an attempt to minimize the importance of the other, and an attempt to mislead the other partner, while they are being undercut financially. All not good.

Two: insisting you don’t have the right to know. The broader picture is what is at stake here. The attitude of: I’m in charge; you are not; stop bothering me; and let me get on with my business; is a pretty clear sign of where this relationship will end up and who is going to be the one hurt. One partner is in if for himself, and is looking for followers to provide him with certain needs. As soon as the followers are not needed, they are dismissed. Because of this self absorption, every gift comes without a price. Every sacrifice made, is not appreciated, but instead, is deemed the normal pattern that events should follow…. The first time you have a problem, “look I need help with this”, he will look at you like “how dare you come to me with YOUR problems. I’ve got enough of my own….”

Three: Acting shocked that knowing these things is even important to you… Well, the president has a very emotional place in the hearts of his countrymen. Knowing whether or not to trust a partner is a very important piece of the puzzle. It is actually key to our survival. The question of while you are away, have you been helping me or hurting me, is the critical personal issue at stake in this campaign….

And guessing from the reactions of the Romney Camp, there is evidence within these documents that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that over the time they were away, they were occupied with actions that were hurting us, not helping.

If all this time they’d been helping us, don’t you think in a campaign season where Romney was way behind, someone would have pulled those out to say, “look, look, he is such a great guy that he has been helping you all this time”….. of course they would…

Since they haven’t, the answer is pretty obvious what they don’t want us to see.. And that is not good for us. We are being rushed into a marriage with someone who doesn’t like us, doesn’t trust us, and doesn’t work for us.
That person is the wrong man….

There is another suitor, one who is for the Middle Class, one who developed the Middle Class Task Force to move Washington in the direction to make the Middle Class again the economic force that drives our nation. There is another suitor, one who we know what he’s been up to, and it was always to make our lives better, to make us happier, to enable us to live a fuller, more prosperous life…

The evil suitor knows this. And when possible blocks the truth so we never hear how wonderful life could be, if we just taxed Corporations more, so they would pay us more in salaries, so they would expand, so they would again invest in America.

The secrets he is planning for after our marriage, are buried in those tax returns. He won’t let us see them… The relationship between him and us, is doomed from the start… Pull the Plug on Romney… Pull the plug, Honey.

You can’t trust someone who can’t trust you…….