Ginger Gibson, formerly here in Delaware at the News Journal, is now with Her story I see on Mitt Romney’s admission that he support Obama-care, is making its way up the mainstream ladder. At this point, it hasn’t hit big, but is tracking up the trending lists for tomorrows top story…

Essentially when being busted upon for his anti- women policies, Mitt Romney, snapped back, “look, I invented Obama-care, and I’m pretty proud of that. We actually did something…..”

So everyone is having fun with the fact that Romney who on day one will sign Obama-care into oblivion, is actually rather proud of it….

Obviously, the only reason he is doing it, since HE knows how great it will be, is because the insurance and medical investment houses are holding his feet to the fire….

If it is any consolation to you Mitt, you should be proud of your Romney Care… It was a marvelous feat and worked so well, it became the model of the national care program, now colloquially titled Obama-care.