I spent lunch with Allan Loudell of WDEL and he has the best news currently in journalism and I know I heard at least twice…. on totally different story lines… “It’s just crazy…. ”

I know it was because I didn’t change the dial, but on my commute home I heard it again…. “It’s just crazy…” (The other thing Allan is prone to say, is just when you think it can’t get any crazier, you see the next story…)

I made me wonder what was going on….

See if you can guess.

A member of a certain party, says women can stop being pregnant if they want to.
Members of a certain party get naked and swim in the nude in front of another man’s daughter.
Members of a certain party won’t call on the first person to resign, until someone else does and then they give the press release calling on a certain member of a certain party .. to stop running for his Senate seat.
Members of a certain party, try to legalize rape, incest, and the death of the mother into a certain party’s platform.
Member of a certain party calls the President’s remarks Marxist, and then, when challenged by the news anchor, can’t say why, just that.. it is. it is…it just is.
A certain party wants the wealthy to pay NO TAXES and use the middle class to make up the difference.
A certain party candidate, will only release one single year’s tax return until 21 days before the election, when he will release his second one…
A certain party appears to be having their convention, quite possibly in the middle of a certified hurricane.
An entertainer who is a member of a certain party closes out the Iowa state fair with this…. “We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!”
A certain party blames Obama for the poor economic climate they themselves totally created……

America, aren’t you tired of it? Don’t you just want to sit down to “normal”… for a change?

And did you happen to notice… all the craziness comes from just one party?

It’s like the drunk bitch at a party… Everyone is having a great time, and then from somewhere across the giant room, you hear… “you shit fucking bitch…” and you do what normally works, you go through the standard stages, of reasoning, of cajoling, of threatening, of being calm, of isolating, of arguing, of persuading, of putting the foot down… and finally… of ejection. No one at the party has now had a good time since she opened her mouth, because her aggressive meanness, even while everyone watches, even while everyone is shaking their heads, even while everyone is talkin’ about… it brings everyone down….

What we have in our society today, is the tiniest sliver taking over the news media with crazy incomprehensible actions… Consider them the 700 pounds of fat globules held in one place by taut skin, that takes over your health channel network for a half hour of programming, and though you hate it, you watch the whole episode anyway because it is too gross to walk away from…

For this, I blame the Republicans, but these, aren’t even close to the Republican neighbors I have… My neighbors are cool.. I blame the Republicans, but these aren’t even close to those I discourse with on our local blog network. .. those Republicans are cool… No, these really aren’t Republicans, even though I admit, I throw them into that category for expediency….

These are that drunk bitch. These are rare forms of mutant conservatives to whom no one every had the courage to tell them to “shut the fuck up and sit down”, and now, in exuberance of a campaign season where they feel uplifted with the infectious bubbles of being the center of attention, they truly believe that they are the embodiment of true enlightenment. Just like the drunk bitch, they really think they are the life of the party…

If you try to reason with them, you might be thinking you are getting somewhere, but instead they interpret it as justification that they are really, truly self important…. “Look I’m so cool this bouncer dude is reasoning with me..I’m so cool… I’m ready to rule the world….”

The only way to get rid of this type… is to eject them…
Eject them.
Eject them…

And while you are at it, eject the whole Republican party… too; you can’t leave the drunk bitch on the curb with no way home while the rest of the party goes on…

It’s just crazy….