Many of the same players behind the John Kerry Swiftboating  incident, are also behind the attempt to do so to Obama.  However, America is wiser.

The cast:

E. Mark Braden…..  chief counsel for the Republican National Committee. since leaving, he has represented numerous Republican-related political causes….

Michael Smith…..  Republican political consultant, also was involved in group called Making America’s Promise Secure, and Majority America.

Carl Lindner……  backed numerous conservative causes – including the original 2004 “Swift Boat” campaign against John Kerry.

Greener and Hook….. conservative propagandist widely known for sponsoring wacky off beat conservative morons. 

The Trailblazer Group…… founded by the deputy campaign manager of  Palin/McCain, and the Director of Operations for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa.

The attempt by these high powered Republicans is to protray the Obama campaign as weak  on leaks.   However, truth is Dick Cheney caused more leaks in one month than have occurred over the entire Obama presidency.

Note:  all proper news organizations have disavowed all claims being made in the video, determining it to be…”wishful fiction”……