Not much has been said about Paul Ryan’s response to Janesville Wisconsin’s automotive plant when it was in danger of failing.

This was a personal issue with Ryan. He grew up there. He had friends who worked there. His town could not survive without that plant. Did Ryan sit by? No, he jumped into action…..

A) The Republican met with company executives to try to change their mind.
B) He lobbied the Obama administration for federal retraining and economic-development funds.
C) He even broke with his party — and his future presidential running mate Mitt Romney — to vote in Congress for a $15 billion federal bailout for GM and Chrysler.
D) Ryan voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the $700 billion bank bailout
E) His office sought to secure funding from Obama’s 2009 stimulus effort (which he had opposed) once it was signed into law.
F) He backed a law in 2011 that prohibits federal contractors from paying lower-than-average wages (he supports prevailing wage)
G) He promoted a $200 million incentive package to try to convince GM to retool the plant from producing gas-guzzling SUVs…
H) Ryan was the lone Republican among Wisconsin lawmakers who met with GM officials to make the case…
I) December 10, 2008, Ryan voted to steer $15 billion to the automakers — one of only 32 Republicans in the House of Representatives to do so. One-hundred-and-fifty Republicans voted against.
J) The vote put him at odds with Romney, who argued “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.”
K) He helped the “Forward Janesville” chamber of commerce and local officials secure a $445,000 grant from the U.S. Commerce Department for economic development and worker retraining.

Sounds very democratic doesn’t it? Sounds like getting government out of the lives of its people just took a big “heave ho”. Sounds like Ryan has a heart after all doesn’t it?

True nonRINO Republicans need to take notice here. Ryan is not your ideological leader. When his district got hit, he jumped the shark on his philosophy and went the other way…. If you want an ideological leader, instead of Romney/Ryan you are better off with Gary Johnson, the REAL republican now running as the Libertarian Candidate.

Ryan’s supporters are taking a different tack… They are saying this shows exactly the reason he’s a vice presidential nominee, and that reason that is because he takes a problem, he dissects it fully, and he makes the best possible decision based on what can get done,” (Republican Representative Devin Nunes, a close ally)

My point? I’m sure the media as well as his political enemies will castigate him for saying one thing publicly and doing another privately. They will call into account his values, his character, has beliefs. The name “flip flop” will become attached to him tighter than it was to John Kerry in 2004. They will say: “how can you cut the very funding you begged for when your town was going under? How can what was good for your town, be so bad for every other town in the USA? What kind of human being can be so duplicitous? How can such a person be fit to carry the Republican Banner forward? We were better off with Palin. At least she practiced what she preached, yeah, it was only in Wasilla, but a least, she practiced it….

They would be missing the point… The point is not that Ryan succumbed in a moment of weakness. We all would do the same. If not, we’d all be heartless bastards.

The rather profound point that needs to come out of this incident and its subsequent discussion, is that when reality struck close to Paul’s heart, when it affected his friends, his family, his home, he instinctively knew deep down inside his heart, that it is the Democrats who have been right all along…

Sure it is easy to say one thing on the campaign trail, where your toadies pull you on, then off, then on, then off the bus, before they throw you under, but when it comes down to protecting what you love, what you know, your inner core… it is the Democrats who have been right all along….

So attack Ryan all you want. But remember…. whenever any Republican has trouble in his own district, he acts just like a Democrat… Why? Because Democrats have been right all along….

Don’t take my word for it… Ask the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate….

(Hmmm. Wasn’t his boss also once called the LIBERAL GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS?) There is reality that occurs when you have to be responsible, then there is that fake stuff that always comes out of “that party” during campaign years…

Democrats have been right all along.