This is so terrible and frightening too
Stats and Chart Courtesy of Northeastern University

Reason Recovery Is Not Impacting Jobs
Stats and Chart Courtesy of Northeastern University

In a Study by Northeastern University, the rise in corporate profits was matched to the fall in real wages. Whereas corporate profits surged by 48%, real wages fell by more then 1%. When coupled with the 14 million still unemployed, people who work for a living are getting hit twice.

Two things come out of this study. One we need to use another method besides unemployment to evaluate an economic system’s recovery, for Obama has truly engineered a magnificent recovery. Two, if we elect Romney who promises nothing will change, we will continue to have the same result; high corporate profits and high levels of unemployment.

Not included in this study is the financial strength of the government. We know that is a failure. To assist and enable corporate profits to grow this much, the Federal Government has gone $5 Trillion deeper in debt.

So lets look at the balance sheet.

Corporate Profits……….. Through The Roof

Federal Government….. $5 Trillion in New Debt

American Workers…..12.8 million unemployed

Any business person investigating his companies balance sheet upon seeing  such imbalance would automatically say, we need to transfer assets from the corporate side to first the American People.  There are two ways to do that. One is pass laws that every American be given a gigantic humongous raise, and that businesses stop recording high profits, and instead invest in themselves.

The other way would be to raise the tax rates, so high, that businesses would do that anyway, themselves.

Which is easier?

And why is ANYONE still supporting the Republican Party out of which all its candidates said, they would use painful cuts instead of raising taxes one penny to balance the deficit?

Plenty of Money to Spend Down Our Debt With

Courtesy of

So taxing America’s corporate profits  100% at 1.7 trillion per quarter, would in ten quarters or 2 and one half years, totally, completely, irrevocably  erase our national debt to zero.

In the meantime, corporations would hide their profits in their business, as anyone alive during the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, can tell you, it is what everyone did…  And life was good for all… Only starting in 2001, did the profits start to soar with money coming out of the American People’s pockets…..

It didn’t trickle down, did it?

Well it can… Do not vote for a Republican again until the deficit is 0, and unemployment is under 3% …. They are the cause.  If you need further proof, see how the red and blue lines are conjoined after TARP?  That is due to the tax cuts Republicans insisted upon… There is no tax being paid by corporations…. Real profits and Nominal profits are identical…..

So… how well is that benefiting you?  Long for the good old days under Clinton?  You are not alone.  Join America in demanding corporations pay 100% tax rate until the deficit is down…..