Before stepping out of the USS Wisconsin, Paul Ryan was last seen, as documented by ABC News reporters, outside his house looking for a key between 4:30 to 5:00 yesterday afternoon. The reporters joked, “are you going to show us where you hide the key?” Ryan laughed and said he had a way in, and disappeared around back..

At 8:30 a little neighborhood boy knocked on the door, and no one, no one responded… He made a little sad face at the request of one cameraman.

Silhouettes were seen moving in the upstairs window around midnight, leading reporter to think at least the family was still there. That wasn’t the case. They had been moved earlier to a private location between Salisbury and Easton MD.

Paul Ryan was attending the Sikh funeral in his district on Friday.

On a sideline to this story, Tagg Romney, head of Solamere Investments, and son of presidential contender Mitt Romney, was busy flying across the country. His job was to tell the nominees not chosen, that they … would not be chosen.

Romney made the decision on August 1st he is now telling us. On August 2nd, a chartered plane gets rented from SC Aviation in Janesville, Wisconsin and flown to BWI here in Baltimore. The next morning, August 3rd, Tagg boards the plane and spends the daytime hours in and around Cleveland where he meets Portman, before being flown to Columbus Ohio to let Governor Kasich know he is not the one. He stays in Columbus the next day then flies back to Salisbury MD, stays on the ground for less than an hour, then flies back to Janesville to spend the night with the future Vice President, Paul Ryan.
the arrangements were made that Ryan’s family would fly east and there would someone watching the house during their absence… The upcoming funeral put a glitch in to the original plans, since Ryan must attend throw the attention away from him as the anointed one, so the family left without the dad….

The charter drops the family off an Chicago Midway, where they fly on a different plane to Salisbury, and continues on to Toledo, Ohio to meet with Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder. Spending the day and night Tagg then boards the plane on the next day, and heads to Lakehurst New Jersey to attend a gala fund-raiser for his dad. While there Gov. Christie is informed. The fund-raiser had to be done by 6:00 for an upcoming wedding and the final details are laid down that night. The next morning Tagg flies up to Boston, and finalizes everything…

Friday morning his charter plane leaves Logan International and after stopping at Chicago Midway, heads to Janesville Wisconsin, home of Paul Ryan. This was the plane that caused so much excitement Friday evening, and was being watched 24/7 in anticipation of Ryan’s departure…. Tim Pawlenty was also attending the funeral, and it was there, that Tagg told the last of the candidates that it would be Ryan.

Tagg then drove Ryan to his home, dropped Ryan off and parked two and a half blocks away. Ryan checked on the house, went through the back yard, climbed into Tagg’s red pickup rental, and drove to Milwaukee where they flew out to Salisbury.

Between 7- 8 it was family reunion time in Salisbury.

Today, August 11th Frank Perdue’s plane, a Beechcraft Super Air 200 flies out of Salisbury where it had been sitting since Wednesday, and lands in Norfolk VA at 6:47 am. Twenty two minutes later, it flies back to Salisbury, loads up, and returns after only 20 minutes on the ground, with family, landing in Norfolk, 8:15 am. From there waiting cars deliver them to the USS Wisconsin, with plenty of time to catch their breath before, the 9:00 am show begins…..

And he.. is the next president of the United States….